Tips in Re-Designing Your Website

July 29, 2019

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Your website design is a crucial element for your business! No matter the size or industry of your company, it takes time and effort to make an eye-catching and user-friendly website. Note that both web developers and designers must work together to produce an ideal site that’s engaging, located by search engines and stimulate conversions.

Poor web design can result in a fatal blow on your conversions and sales. It's important to know what works, what doesn’t, and what goals you wish to achieve.

Why Do You Need to Redesign Your Web?

You should consider a website redesign if you think your website’s design is outdated and shows a decrease in conversions/sales. Especially if you have received complains about user experience or design related issues.

Redesigning an Existing Website

Redesigning your website might seem overwhelming at first, though we have more effective ways to make the process easier:

  • Evaluate your top 10 competitors

Find the strategies they use and what they are doing wrong. Use competitive analysis to make your website more attractive, more intuitive navigation and present better offers than your competitors.

  • Visualize your site

With the help of wireframe, you can place each element precisely on your site. Nowadays, grid-style websites are the trend. Discuss with your web designer to create mockups and wireframes. Take the redesigning one aspect at a time and choose the features that will extend across all pages.

Web Design Tips to User’s Experience

It is essential to implement good user experience in your website design and development.

The first thing to consider is making your website mobile-friendly / responsive. This simply means that your website can be easily viewed on a multitude of different devices.

People today search for content on mobile at a significantly increasing rate from desktop, so you should make a website ideal for devices of any size.

Eye-catching visual elements are what defines a dynamic website! People are attracted and will respond strongly to images, illustrations and videos more than they will to plain text. Aligning these elements with your Brand by using colors, fonts, and imagery that reflects and expresses your Brand’s identity can create strong Brand identity. Remember to use contrasting colors to make your website redesign pop. Use your Visual Brand Guidelines as a guide here.

A website redesign can improve your conversions and sales when executed properly.

After doing proper research on what your competitors are doing, you’ll get a clear image on the designs that may appeal better to your customers. Get an idea of what your website will look like, use wireframes and mockups and begin building it step by step.

Do you or your customer like your current website?

Start with what you know about the current trends in web traffic. Including bounce rates, time on page, conversion rates and other metrics.

Learn more about website redesigning with us at Island Media Management and work with our team of experts to make your website stand out from the rest!

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