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October 13, 2017

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Developers and website designers revolve their optimization of a webpage through the advice of the world’s largest search engine: Google. This is because it helps a webpage get recognized by Google based on its constantly changing algorithms and benefits for SEO purposes. In 2015, the search engine finally took a stance on the topic of valuing a responsive web design.

But what is a responsive web design? Island Media Management defines it as a unique approach where the design and aspect of the website responds and engages with user activity and navigation on a website. If this doesn’t sound like your website, end the week enlightened by our blog about one of the values we live by: A responsive website design.

responsive website design

What is a responsive website design?

Almost every client of any digital marketing agency wants a mobile alternative to their website. It is almost a necessity to have a mobile responsive website in the world of digital marketing today.

To have a responsive website design is to approach a website with a design and functionality that responds to a user’s behavior and environment based on what platform or format they are seeing the website from.

The practice is a combination of flexible and adjustable grids and layouts, images, and a smart use of CSS media queries. Whether be it on a laptop, a tablet, or a mobile device, the website should adjust from the resolution, image sizing, and layout of content. Or another way to put it, the website should automatically respond to user’s preferences.

Why take Google into account for responsive website design?

Now that you know the surface of a responsive website design, we can go into details as to why this practice revolves around Google.

In a nutshell, Google recommends to implement specific media queries which act as a backbone to a responsive website design.

Reasons to create a responsive website design

  • Everyone is going mobile
  • Shopping on mobile devices is steadily growing
  • With the rise of social media, more traffic is being driven to websites
  • Responsive sites are praised by Google and help improve SEO rankings
  • One site is easier to manage and increases ROI compared to having separate websites for separate devices
  • Provides visitors with a best user experience
  • A better bathroom experience!

web responsive design - island media management

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