A Responsive Website Design: More Than Just Pretty Pixels

July 12, 2017  |   Mobile Friendly, Website Development

What makes a great responsive website involves a lot of other things than just being visually appealing. At Island Media Management, it’s all about communication, quality, and conversion. In other words: the ultimate user experience.

A responsive website is an approach to web design aimed to enhance user interaction, maximize viewing, create easy navigation, etc. This is important as it can say a lot about the company’s profile. It creates a vision of your company’s product quality and gives users an idea of how easy doing business with you will be.

The five-second rule

You have about 5 seconds to make everything clear on the homepage of your website. If users don’t understand what kind of business you are or what you do, they will probably leave your website. A long list of information is not required, but the general purpose of your business is enough to keep the visitors engaged on your website and let them learn more about your company. You can further improve your homepage by uploading pictures or a videos. A picture is worth a thousand words, a video a thousand more!



Navigation is very important when it comes to user experience. Your website should be simple so users can quickly go to the desired page. If your website is unstructured and unorganized, users will feel lost, not knowing where to go next. In an analogy: you would not want to travel into the wilderness without a compass or a map.

Responsive design

Responsive design

Every day, people are increasingly using smartphones, tablets, the television, and even watches to browse the web. By creating a website that is formatted according to these devices, you are allowing your website to adapt to whoever is opening it. You can say it’s revolutionary to provide these conveniences because you would be one of those very few businesses to promote a great web experience for your customers. A responsive website design benefits in ways like:

  • Bringing in more mobile traffic
  • Reduces website’s bounce rate
  • Increase in conversion rates
  • Improved SEO
  • Improved online browsing experience

Unavoidable pop ups

These widgets and buttons are great additions to your website if you are keen on further improving the quality of your users experience. They are interactive and another form of navigation for potential customers. You could be directing them to purchase an item that is being promoted or a particular content you want your users to visit. Either way, it keeps users engaged, entertained, and most importantly on your website.

Finding the Yin & Yang of scrolling and clicking

It’s a tug-of-war between the two methods. Each of them has its strengths and weaknesses, but if you are combining both of them, you could be making magic. The best way to browse that ocean of information has always been infinite scrolling. Especially with social media using the same technique.

This scrolling technique can only go so far if your website’s page speed is slow. Some devices can’t take that much information on one page, so eventually, your device will start performing slower and slower as you keep scrolling. That’s where the clicks come in. It’s much easier to collect data with clicking.

If your business is looking for users who are searching for something and become a customer, not just scanning, clicking may be for your website. This also gives a better sense of navigation for your users. Your audience may fear the endless game of scrolling. With clicking, users will be given direction, and make a more informed decision. It could be one or the other depending on your business. Having the ability to create a page long enough for a user to stay on and to have an interface for the user to know their location, is almost like an art.

A responsive website design is easy to manage with great results. At Island Media Management, we believe that any web design can be put together. But the involvement of SEO and a carefully crafted responsive website are really what completes it. Contact us regarding our website design services or other topics you are eager to find out more about!

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