Why reviews are important to your local SEO

July 2, 2014  |   Business Services, SEO, Social Media

When you’ve got all the fundamentals of your local search engine strategy covered, don’t underestimate the power of reviews, recommendations and comments. Since search engines seek for trusted businesses to recommend to their users, it’s vital to get positive feedback in order to become a local legend. Today we’ll give you an overview of ways to gain positive reviews, and how to deal with negative feedback.

7 Ways to generate positive reviews online

  1. 1. Set up profiles on different websites.

For Google, the reviews on your Google+ profile are the most important and most credible. If you get great reviews on your local Google+ page, you are most likely to receive a higher ranking than your underrated competitors. But keep in mind that it’s not the only social platform to earn positive local reviews. The more diverse your rating portfolio appears to Google, the better your chances are to get a superior ranking. So make use of Yelp, Facebook, Foursquare and other networks that allow you to receive ratings.

Where to get reviews
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  1. 2. Make it easy to leave reviews.

Feature buttons on every page of your website and animate customers to leave a review on your local Google+ page or further rating platforms. You can do the same in your e-mails. Also implement a URL on your printed marketing materials. You don’t want your customers to search for your profiles or make big efforts to find them. Keep the access as easy as possible.

  1. 3. Ask for reviews

It doesn’t hurt to ask! When the sale is complete and your customer had some time to try the product or service, feel free to ask them for a review. If you tell your customers that reviews are important to your company and how you monitor them regularly to increase customer satisfaction, many of them will be happy to help you out. You can ask for reviews in person, via e-mail, over the phone or within your direct-mail marketing strategies like postcards or newsletters. Make sure to let them know where they can review your page.

  1. 4. Quickly respond to bad reviews

If you receive a negative review, react as fast as you can to solve the problem. Respond online and if you’re able to identify the reviewer, also respond in person. Try everything that’s possible to make things right and even if you think it’s not your fault, never fire back at your customer. Use negative feedback as a chance to demonstrate your high customer service standards. Other customers will recognize your genuine efforts and notice that you’re doing all you can to solve problems.

  1. 5. Don’t fake reviews

Resist the urge to mobilize your family and friends to write positive reviews for you. Experienced web surfers can spot fake reviews easily and most of them don’t read quite genuine. Remember that your aim is to increase your businesses’ credibility by generating original and authentic feedback.

  1. 6. Watch your online reputation

Be aware of how many positive and negative reviews you receive throughout the web and measure how well you are doing on the individual rating platforms. You can find several web tools which help you to monitor your reviews. Use them to identify which rating site works best for your business. You may have to pay a monthly fee, but it will help you to receive more feedback, better reviews and therefore increase your search engine ranking.

  1. 7. Do a good job

No matter what you’re selling, you should always do the best you can. Surprise your customers with your great services and they’ll go online and tell everyone about your remarkable business. Offering good products or services at reasonable prices in combination with an outstanding customer support is the best way to generate many positive ratings and online reviews to boost your local search ranking.


There are several ways to generate positive online reviews for your business. Try to keep up to date and stay positive. If you need any help regarding your profiling or your web presence in general, feel free to contact us.

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