The online marketplace is highly volatile and for any business to survive, every marketer has to be overly innovative. While there are millions of websites being built daily, Google says only 52.5% make any revenue. This means building a website is no longer a guarantee of online success. Search engine ranking and digital marketing matters more.seo and ppc

Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) techniques form the core of online marketing to drive traffic to your website.  SEO entails optimizing your website in order to ensure it ranks highly on SERPs for the targeted keywords.

If you are new to the online marketing platform, you might be overwhelmed by the different opinions regarding both SEO and PPC. It is therefore imperative to get more insight on both strategies in order to make an informed choice.  Below are some highlights on both online marketing strategies:

SEO in Detail

An SEO campaign is a long-term strategy where changes made are felt for a long time. For instance, quality links will still bring traffic to your site months after they are added. Same applies to improved navigation through a web audit and other SEO techniques. Unlike PPC, SEO is more affordable and you don’t have to pay for clicks which might eventually not lead to conversion.

SEO is a consistent strategy which entails laying the ground for continuous flow of quality traffic.  One the other hand, PPC requires more injection of cash for any impact to be felt. Any reduction in your PPC budget is immediately reflected in falling traffic.

SEO techniques also complement each other. For instance, a web audit removes broken links which in turn aids in navigation, translating into better conversion.  More importantly, search engine optimization strategies lead to organic search engine rankings and the fact that users despise paid ads makes SEO the better marketing approach.

PPC in Detail

While SEO clearly has an upper hand over PPC, it is still important to assess the benefits your business can reap from a solid PPC campaign. For a start, it is easier to conceptualize and implement a PPC campaign and the results are faster than with SEO. If you are looking for huge traffic quickly, a PPC campaign will work best for you. Once you have researched your keyword and built your ad, you are ready to go.

PPC is best suited for highly competitive keywords, a new website, if your CMS is weak, you have a ready budget, or when you have a promotion which can be turned on and off at specific times.

Why SEO Reigns Supreme

So, which strategy do you use? SEO wins hands down because it has better ROI over time. A study on the search engine journal shows 70% of links internet users click on are organic, meaning SEO will lead to better conversion than paid ads.

However, how any strategies work for you depend on your type of business and how you analyze your data. Island Media Management is here in Bali, Indonesia to help you analyze which marketing strategy works effectively for you. We are strong at strategic thinking and also experienced to implement the strategy for you in house. Contact us now to start gaining success in modern marketing.

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