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May 15, 2014

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When it comes to online marketing, getting involved with social media is no longer optional. If you want your business to grow online and get people to talk about it, you have to build and maintain strong social media profiles. The advantages are widespread.

Social Media platforms

Many businesses who already are involved in social media tend to focus on the likes and followers they can pull, and try to get direct sales off their profiles. They seem to forget the multiple benefits that good social media activity can contribute to their organizations. If you use your tools right, you can build a loyal online community, which will be happy to do your marketing for you. You’ll be able to generate important demographic information from various statistics and watch how the reach of your business grows exponentially with time. You can publicly interact with your customers, maintain your personal media channels and increase the popularity of your brand easily.

But one really important factor, which often stays unnoticed, is how much good social media profiling supports your SEO! How?

Create good social media contents!

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and similar pages with huge amounts of traffic are some of the most credible sources for search engines. So if you share your website’s link on these platforms, together with some high quality content (pictures, videos, stories, thoughts, etc.), which people will like, share, tweet or repost again, you will have numerous links coming from these pages right back to your businesses website. This will continuously drive up your search engine ranking.

Just like Google interprets social shares of content as a sign of credibility, the number of quality connections, friends and followers of a user’s social media profile is a search engine ranking factor as well. But you shouldn’t confuse this with focusing on the sole number of likes, friends or followers an account has. It is rather the amount of quality connections, you and your social media followers have, that determine if the shared content is important and of good quality (and therefore a reputable source for your SEO), or if it looks like you are spamming.

So be careful what you share and with whom you share your contents, if you want to get great benefits from social media activity!

If you need any help with your social media profiling, just contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you!

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