Improved SEO – Reasons to Get Your Expert Staff Blogging Today

March 31, 2013


As I have talked about before in previous blogs about improving your SEO, developing quality and authentic content is key to a successful SEO strategy and improved search engine rankings.  Google and the other search engines love fresh, new, authentic content so the more you can create the greater chance of those rankings improving.

Experts write authentic content easily

SEO strategies require quality blog content
SEO strategies require quality blog content

As you may be able to imagine, the expert staff within your business have such an in depth knowledge of your business that they will find it easy to write about the topics that your clients are interested in.  It is much easier for them to dig deep into their knowledge base and experience to create really rich and authentic content.  If you can get your expert staff to start writing about their field of expertise you will quickly find that the content they are producing is rich in information; it comes naturally when you are writing something that you are involved with day after day.  Your readers will be interested and engaged in the information they are receiving; you can’t ask for more than that in a blog. Your SEO strategy requires this.

At Island Media Management we understand that experts are the best at writing relevant content and so we really encourage our clients to use their expert staff.  We also write content for blogs as part of our SEO and social media services; having an in depth knowledge of the travel and tourism industry in Bali and Indonesia really helps us understand our clients and the type of content that people want to read.

Professionals know what’s trending

As you would expect, experts know what is happening in their field, what is new and what is upcoming.  New information is always well received as people want to hear what the latest information is.  New content will get people talking and drive more traffic to your blog; it I much more effective than old content.  With new trending information it is much more likely that people have not read about it before, giving you an edge over your competitors and increased credibility.

Improve your SEO strategy – get your experts writing

Many businesses try to encourage their staff to write content for the blogs and social media outlets although they still struggle to actually get it done.  There are a number of reasons why people struggle to write blog content; many employees don’t feel that it is a valuable part of their work or don’t see it as part of their SEO strategy.  They are busy with their jobs and don’t feel they have time to write blog content.  That is where we, as business owners, can help our expert staff to write content.  By allowing time for our staff to write content for your blog and website you are effectively helping yourself to drive traffic to your business.  Some businesses offer incentives to write content but if you actually allocate time to do this type of work you may find it more effective.

You also want to role model content generation.  If you can show you staff how easy it is to blog then they may also follow your lead. Reward staff that do produce great content even if is just by singing their praises within your company.  Encourage them to use Google Authorship to add credibility to their work and encourage more people to read it.

You need to remember that it takes time to build a culture of blogging but if you are able to succeed then the extra traffic that you will drive from the quality content will enhance your SEO efforts.

If you need more advice about blogging or your SEO strategy then our team at Island Media Management would be happy to help.

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