What Should You Look For in an SEO Company?

March 4, 2013  |   SEO

Finding the right SEO company can be hard work especially given there are a lot of options out there. It is critical to find a company that fits your goals and budget enabling you to meet your desired results. I have put together some questions you should ask any SEO management company before you commit your finances to the project.

What sets you apart from other SEO agencies? This is an important question that needs to be asked. Ideally you are looking for a company that understands is strengths and how it can work effectively with your company. If an SEO company is unable to give you a strong answer then you should consider looking elsewhere. A well managed SEO company will be able to show you the real benefits of choosing that company. After all, they are managing your brand and you want to make the most out of your investment.

Can I speak with some of your customers? The best way to tell about any company is to ask people who have been using there services. A strong recommendation from a client goes a long way to removing fears you may have about investing in that SEO company.

A good SEO company will refer you to clients that use their services in order for you to get real feedback about them. If they can’t or won’t point you in the right direction then you should consider your options.

What am I paying for? Understanding what you are paying may sound obvious to all of us but you need to be aware of how you are being charged. The ideal way to increase your rankings in search engines, and ultimately the number of people converting from your site, is through quality content, natural link building and social media interaction. It is not about the number of links you get to your site. You never want to be charged based on linking, rather on the quality of the content being produced.

Quality SEO companies will work on a monthly SEO management strategy allowing them to produce quality content and natural links – just what you should be looking for.

Do I have access to the SEO team? For sure you want to be able to communicate with the team handling your SEO. You will also want to know who your point of contact is and how often you can expect to hear from them. It should be clear from the beginning what to expect and how often; if you have questions about the work being done then you need to feel that you can ask at any time.

You should expect to have bi monthly communications with any SEO company although weekly emails and reports would be the ideal. You cannot have too much information although be aware not to expect the world to move in just a few weeks.

Will I own the content you make? These days quality content is vital to the success of any web site. Quality content takes time and effort to make and so ensuring that you own that content is very important. You want to make sure that any SEO company that you use gives you full rights to all the content they generate on your behalf. If the contract is terminated you need to have control over the content.

How do you measure results? Avoid any company that promises a number 1 position in Google! It is not possible to guarantee results but a good SEO company should be able to give you results that show improvement over time. Of course, for some keywords it may be easy to get first place rankings in Google but for more competitive keywords it will take a lot more time and effort.

As a minimum you need to understand the types of reports that you will be receiving. Understanding your goals is important; if you are looking to increase your rankings then you will of course be looking for keyword ranking reports. If you are looking for better conversion then the metrics will be different.

You should receive reports and have access to the tools being used, such as Google analytics. You may not fully understand all the information; that is why a good SEO company will show you the important points to look at and what those results mean for your search engine optimization campaign.

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