This is the 3rd and last part of this series of SEO basics for bloggers and beginners. Previously we have written the articles about SEO for Blogger and beginner part 1 and part 2. Here we provide you more basic tips to increase the popularity of your blog or website in the search engines.

More SEO Tips for Your Website

seo tips to optimize blog and website

1. Include headers and sub headers in your content

Just like headers lead a reader into the text, sub headers usher a visitor into portions of the pages that he considers most important for him. For this reason, consider using sub headers above every few paragraphs. It is better for a reader to spend a few minutes on a small section on your webpage than look for the content elsewhere. Sub-headers are a good place to add some of the keywords you want that page/post to rank so they are good for SEO.

2. Categorize your content

If you want to build more links to your website, split your work into different categories. If, for example you have a car sales website, have different categories for the different car makes that your business deals in.

Having different categories makes it easy for search engines to pick on particular content that match what a search engine user may be searching for..

3. Use social media appropriately

social media activities for seoWhatever kind of blog you are running; ensure you have a strong presence on social media. The links you get from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other leading social media platforms is still relevant in helping your website’s ranking on SERPs. After all, more people are socializing on these networks today than ever before so you also stand to get a lot of direct traffic from these networks.

In fact, when your followers and friends share your content with their friends, it helps get your content before more people. This approach is a sure way of getting more backlinks to your blog or website.

Get Higher Ranking!

Keep producing and promoting quality content on social media to help you build quality back links which will in turn help your website to rank well on SERPs.

In addition, be sure to use analytics tools like Google Analytics to help you gain a better understanding of the kind of traffic you are getting on your blog or website, where it is coming from, what actions it is taking once it lands on your website/blog, etc. All these will help you tweak and make your SEO campaigns even more effective.

If you know more tips of SEO for bloggers, please let us know.

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