Have you ever asked an SEO company whether they can guarantee you that number one spot in Google? What was the response?

“Why yes, we can guarantee you that top spot in Google within six months! Just pay us….”

The problem in the local market here in Bali is that many questionable SEO companies use this promise to generate new customers. And of course, this type of guarantee seems very attractive to clients, because it decreases their risk and gives them a certain security about their return of investment. We find that there are many managers contacting SEO companies on behalf of their bosses and when they here this incredible guarantee they believe it blindly, tell their boss, and end up signing on for a nice, costly years contract.

And then what happens? Well, with most things in life, guarantees generally don’t work, unless you really understand what you are getting into.

I can guarantee the sun rises in the morning, and sets in the evening! That’s about it.

SEO Guarantee
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In reality, dealing with SEO companies that guarantee certain results can be riskier than it looks. If you search for the same keyword in a competitive market every day for a month you will get different results throughout that 30 dat period. Web rankings move up and down all the time, this fluctuation is normal.

SEO Guarantees

So why don’t we address the three main reasons to stay away from these so called SEO guarantees:

1. Worthless rankings are provided

In many cases, an SEO firm will promise you top 3 rankings, but only expose your website to worthless keywords. Afterwards, your site may rank #1 for an obscure phrase which no one will ever search for. If nobody’s searching for certain keywords, there will probably be no competition in that field, which makes it easy to get you a number one spot. This can make the client feel good at first, but soon he’ll realize that since no one’s searching for those odd keywords, no one’s clicking on their website as well. That is why there’s no value in leading the ranking for those keywords or phrases.

You want to look to rank for keywords that:

    • – Aim at your target audience
    • – Produce quality traffic to your website
    • – Converts into real leads

There is a good video from Matt Cutts from a while back that explains nicely about why trying to get a number 1 ranking is not necessarily the best. Although the video is quite old the concept has not changed in any way.

2. Promises can’t be kept

Another reason why SEO guarantees can’t work is, because the offering companies are making promises they can’t keep. You can’t promise or guarantee something if you don’t have any control over the outcome. No SEO company is able to predict the actions of their client’s competitors.

Furthermore, the constant changes in search engine algorithms make it impossible to provide predictions or guarantees. In the world of SEO, no promises can be made.

As a result, no reliable SEO professional will guarantee you any ranking position. If some company does – be careful, because they might not be aware of how SEO actually works or want to trick you into doing business with them by making promises nobody can keep.

SEO guarantees are not to be believed
SEO Guarantee? Don’t believe it!

3. Search engines disapprove of guarantees

If you check out Google’s webmaster tools regarding their explanations and tips on search engine optimization, you will understand what to look for if you’re seeking SEO services for your website. Besides choosing an honest and competent company which is upfront with you about where your money goes, they advise you that “no one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google”.

What should you SEO company Guarantee?

What SEO businesses can and should guarantee will vary between companies but there are a few given’s that you need to consider, especially when dealing with the SEO companies that we have in Bali and Indonesia.

1. Transparency

Any decent SEO company is going to be clear about what they will do for you. SEO is no secret, it requires hard work and dedication which is the reason why you don’t do it yourself and look to employ others to do it for you, right?

You SEO company should explain to you:

    • – How they plan to improve your rankings
    • – What adjustments they will make to your website
    • – How they plan to adjust your online marketing campaign to achieve better results

2. Committment

One of the best guarantees that I feel we can give our clients here in Bali is the guarantee that we are doing our best to improve their business. In the SEO industry word of mouth business is huge and so having clients that are happy with our work brings in more and more clients.

The proof is in the pudding!

By explaining to the client what to expect, as in the transparency step, they are able to determine for themselves if you have been successful. Of course you can help that by providing them with detailed reports…

3. Reporting

How many of you have hired an SEO company and had the occasional report for a month or two, and then had to deal with the occasional email?

Is this the way you would expect a professional company to run their ship? No, me neither!

So what should you expect?

    • – Monthly reports, on time, every month. If you want them more often then just ask
    • – Clear, concise information that is easy to understand and doesn’t take hours to read
    • – Explanation of the results – why is this down, why is this up?

I wrote another blog post about SEO reports that offer further insight into this. Check it out here.

So what’s the point?

Ask yourself some questions:

– Do you need help with your online marketing efforts?
– Need to get better rankings and conversion through your web property?
– Are you looking for a reputable SEO company or the “cheap and cheerful” kind?

So when it’s time to to decide on which company to use you can keep in mind all this information about SEO guarantees and be a little more wary. It’s too late once you put $10,000 on the line for a years contract only to realize it was not the right company for you!

On the brighter side of things, if you have experienced a good SEO company in Bali then let us know.

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