Is your SEO provider an industry specialist?

May 29, 2014

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What is industry specialization?

Industry specialization is the process of adapting one’s products or services to the needs of a specific industry. It is a well-known and exercised method of expanding sales for mature products. Multinational corporations such as Oracle and Microsoft have engaged in this practice for over a decade to extend their brand reach and to better serve the exact needs of their diverse clientele.

By its very nature, the workload of SEO is very much content-heavy. As such, it takes a thorough understanding of an industry to be able to properly address the target audience while maintaining the diversity of text elements on a website. Basically, your search engine optimization service provider needs to write content like an industry insider while keeping the SEO goals in the back of his head.

The good

The “search engine benefits” of using an industry-specialized SEO service include: – Better keyword diversity – Better quality scores – Better latent semantic indexing

The “user experience benefits” of using an industry-specialized SEO service include: – Content matched to users’ expectations – Higher usability – Decreased bounce rates – Avoiding spammy content – Increased engagement and conversion – Ultimately, higher online ROI

Using a generic SEO service can have unintended negative consequences, both from the viewpoint of search engines and human users. If an SEO provider has little understanding of your particular business, they will tend to be “keyword focused” and not “content focused.”

The bad

A non-specialized SEO company can get you into trouble with the search engines, here’s how: – Using an outdated “keyword focus” – Content can be flagged as spam – Potential algorithmic or manual penalties – Potential for de-listing or banning from search engines

Also, a non-specialized SEO service can’t deliver the message to your site’s users, due to: – a lack of appropriate conversion focus – content being repetitive – content sounding unnatural – content not meeting an industry expert’s expectations

The conclusion

Use an SEO specialist that has experience providing marketing solutions specific to your industry! Try searching for things like “‘your industry’ SEO” or “SEO services for ‘your industry’.” Alternatively, if you are in the travel, hotel, property rental, medical services, entertainment, import/export or manufacturing business; you’re in luck.

We are ready to get your message out to your target audience- your way. Have a look at our industry-specific marketing services, or drop us a line for a free assessment and consultation.

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