Is your local or international business losing major ranking numbers? Being in the digital marketing industry, this issue is no stranger to us, especially on SEO. There are many possibilities as to how your rankings are decreasing.

You may have accidentally messed the internal link equity. Or perhaps Google’s ever so constant algorithms have done the damage. Whatever reason it may be, Island Media Management is here with information on how to recover from a reduction in rankings.

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Make sure your rankings are changing

Before getting all worked up and excited about making changes, make sure there was a rankings change. Here’s what you need to find out:

Has organic traffic dropped to the affected page(s)?

  • This is the most reliable data you can collect about your website or page. Useful applications can include Google Search Console or rankings tracker.
  • Compare the page(s) you felt have dropped in ranking with other pages. Make sure you’re comparing the page to a recent one.
  • Check if the drop grew in significant numbers was over a longer period of time (compared to over a week, for example).
  • There is a possibility it was a holiday weekend. It could be that rankings have dropped because of an event.

Is Google Search Console results showing a similar rankings drop?

  • To find out, use the Search Analytics section to be presented with data where you can see the number of clicks, impressions, and average position for a particular keyword, page, and more.
  • Examine Google Search Console and check if it is showing a similar ranking pattern compared to rankings tracker.

Does your rankings tracker show you a supportive rankings drop?

  • At Island Media Management, we track our rankings daily for our important keywords. By doing this, you can find out if the rankings drop is sustained within a few days.

So you’ve checked and as you have feared, your rankings are reducing rapidly without a cause – run through our guide and find out what you can do to recover and prevent from this:

Common, basic SEO things that cause ranking drops

Google has updated their algorithm

Google is constantly updating their systems of website assessment. Lucky for us, because of the expansive world of digital marketing, there are Search Engine Optimizer’s all over the internet dedicated to documenting these changes.


3 trusted blogs we can suggest are:

The down side to Google changing its algorithm is that you may have to look for another SEO approach. To save the hassle, Island Media Management suggests understanding Google on a deeper level. We are a certified Google partner and with a better understanding of Google, it allows you to understand why Google is penalizing you and the exact changes Google has made.

You have changed affected pages

If you have changed a page recently, Google will automatically assume that the page is not relevant to the target keywords it used to be. You may have:

  • Changed the URL: One major mistake you may have made is changing your websites URL. URL’s act as a unique identifier for Google. Google may view your website as a new one regardless of having the same content.
  • You have removed a target keyword from the website’s page title, H1, or H2.
  • The keyword density of the page could have reduced.

The solution to this problem is a piece of cake. You could revert to your old site’s format and regain all the traffic you have lost. You can change back your URL to your old one, revert to your old text, and make sure Google has access and can read your pages (this is a big deal).

You can check out similar blog posts that revolve around SEO troubleshoot here:

At Island Media Management, As the fastest growing SEO Agency in Bali and a SEO Provider in Bali, we believe that SEO is the beating heart of any excellent website. The impact SEO has on any business is to drive positive results.

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