SEO Reports – 3 things any business needs to know

March 6, 2014


This month I am focusing a lot of my blogs on the SEO companies that we have here in Bali & Jakarta.  We have a host of opportunities as SEO and Web Design companies but, as an industry, we need to ensure that we set certain standards for ourselves and our clients.  My aim today is to do just one thing:

Empower local companies with the information to make right choices about their SEO Companies.

How do we empower local businesses?  Well, you may have different ideas but to me it is through information and knowledge.

Today I am going to touch on SEO reports which is something all businesses should be getting from your Bali & Jakarta SEO companies.


What is an SEO Report?

Have you employed an SEO company, or an individual, to help you improve your websites rankings in the search engines?

If you have then you may already know what an SEO report is; I hope that all of you do yet I suspect that many don’t.  As with any report, an SEO report is going to highlight what your company has been doing and what success has been achieved.

Without an SEO report, how can you possibly know what the SEO company is doing.  It’s your hard earned money that you are spending so make sure you get your report.


SEO reports help you understand if your SEO company is bringing you online success
You would expect any decent SEO company to provide detailed monthly reports.


Last week I wrote a series of articles about how to determine if your SEO company is really working for you.  This may come in useful for all you business owners and managers out there.


What is included in an SEO Report?

What to include in an SEO report can vary depending on the project and how often you want a report.  As a guide, you might expect to find the following in an SEO Report:

1. An general overview of the project – it helps to understand what your original goals were in order to compare what is happening now.

Ranking reports are an important part of the SEO Report
A ranking report shows how your site is performing in the search engines – it shows movement both up and down.

2. An overview of the work done this month. – allows you to see that your SEO company is working for you.  You should be able to check the work done yourself, and if you are not sure then ask your SEO expert to help you.

3. An analysis of traffic to the site – has traffic to the site increased?  How about the bounce rate, has that improved?  Where are people coming from, is  it organic search results, is it PPC?  As a company you should have access to your Google Analytic‘s account so that can you verify data yourself

4. Keyword progress – shows you how well you rank for the keywords you are targeting.  Are you improving ranking in the search engines?

5. Goal completion / sales – you should have set goals, such as “email us” or “book now”.  whatever your goals are then you want data to see how effective your site directs people to the goals.

6. What happens next – what is your SEO company going to be doing next.

These are just guidelines as to what should be in the report.  If you want something extra in the report then don’t be afraid to ask.


When should you get an SEO Report?

Again, this does depend a lot on the project in hand.  As a guideline I would say you want a monthly SEO report.  Providing reports for SERP’s (Search Engine Ranking Pages) on a weekly basis is too much as you can experience too much up and down movement in such short times.  Monthly reports give you a better overview of  the trends that your website is experiencing.

Some Bali SEO companies provide reports every three or six months.  Perhaps that is too long to wait for a report if you have already paid them.  For a company to see real value in hiring an SEO company they need to have great communication.  An SEO report is a vital part of that communication!

If you are one of those unlucky companies that don’t get an SEO report – perhaps it is time to change?

If have any questions about an SEO report, or you just want more information about our Bali SEO services at Island Media Management then please contact us; we are always happy to help.  If you are Bali based then you are welcome to come and talk to us face to face about your SEO needs.

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