Convincing Your Boss You Need SEO Services

March 24, 2013  |   SEO

We don’t all live in a world where our bosses are switched onto search engine optimization, social media and understand all about the cogs that make the internet tick.  Trying to persuade your boss to part with his hard earned money into some SEO fad can be more difficult than you think; a structured approach is always the best way to approach it.  You understand the need for SEO and now it’s time for you to teach your boss.  You’ll never again have to hear you boss complain why your website is not ranking well in the search engines again.

A clear presentation with charts and graphs

An SEO Strategy is key yo successful online marketing
An SEO Strategy is key yo successful online marketing

Presentations are a great way to show you boss what is going on with the business and the need for SEO.  If you can present to your boss in a clear and easy to understand way why having an online marketing strategy will help the bottom line then he is more likely to go for it. Perhaps show him chart of how many people are using search engines to source services and products.  Did he know that around 35 – 40% of traffic goes to the number 1 position in Google?

Everyone else is using SEO services so why not us?

Does your boss ever ask why the competition website is ranking well above his?  It’s quite simple; they are clearly using an SEO strategy whilst he is not.  Websites don’t rank well unless you put time, effort and money into deploying a quality SEO strategy.  Producing good results in the search engines takes a lot of time, there is no quick fix.

Search engine marketing is today’s marketing

Many of our bosses come from the age of TV and magazine advertising.  Whilst this form of marketing still works for many people, these days many people are turning to their mobile devices to find the information they want.  People are even watching TV on the laptops, pad and mobile phones; newspapers are switching from printed text to online outlets.  Realizing the trend that online marketing is the major form of marketing that you should focus on is a critical step.

Use your current analytics

If you already have a Google analytics data set then this is a great place to start.  Having a look at how you are performing can be an eye opening experience.  Google analytics has some very nice tools that allow you to see how people move through your site, how much time they spend on your pages and a host of other information.  Understanding how your pages are or are not performing can really help to show your boss the importance.  Seeing that pages are experiencing very high bounce rates, or they are just not being visited can really help to push the point.

These are just some ways you can convince your boss; I am always ready to help too if you need some extra input.

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