SEO – Strategies for small businesses (Part 2)

August 4, 2017  |   Business Analysis, Business Services, Marketing, SEO

On our recent blog post, we covered what Search Engine Optimization is and which of the fundamentals you should be using in your small business. Today, we move on to which SEO components are right for your small business and your business needs.

SEO Web for small business

Working with different industries all over Bali, Indonesia, we deal with multiple sizes and types of businesses. By working together, we help them discover the potential of their business in the online world by introducing them the benefits of search engines.

Is SEO necessary for your small business?

Search Engines help people navigate their way through the internet to find a specific service or product they’re looking for. So with the right marketing approach, your business should be able to be on the first page of the search engine. The following components should be kept in mind if you’re considering on trying SEO:

  • Your business’s budget: There is no limit to how much you can invest in the digital marketing world of SEO. However, think about a budget to compete with bigger and more established local or international companies.
  • SEO is time-consuming: SEO doesn’t happen in a day. The results you receive from this tactic can take longer than expected. Especially if you’re in a competitive market.
  • Competition from Ads: With search engines now providing advertising services, it occupies a lot of screen space. Distracting potential customers away from business who grew from organic/ paid rankings.
  • Big and established competitors: As a small business, you may not be investing as much compared to the more established and limitless budgeted companies. This can be tough to compete against.

Everyone wants to have organic search rankings, but this cannot be depended heavily upon because of growing competitors using other methods such as PPC advertising. Pay per click advertising, also known as PPC, is an internet advertising strategy used by businesses to get fast results. Other companies could be winning the SEO race depending on the rabbit while you’re depending on the turtle.

ppc for small business

Generally, most forms of SEO fits any size and type of any business. But the real question is, are these SEO strategies fit for your requirements and budgeting at this moment? Consider how much you have to invest for an average result, the time you need to able to see if SEO is contributing to your business, and if the position of your small business right now is able to compete against other locally or internationally established industries.

As a solution, a balanced mix of PPC advertising and applying SEO fundamentals should be able to deliver the best results for your small business. If you’re short on time, PPC delivers fast and accurate results at any desired cost while the SEO fundamentals can help you trial and error your budget spending strategies.

Island Media Management is a leading digital marketing industry based in Bali, Indonesia. Consult with us and we can help you improve your small business at a desired budget in a limited amount of time delivering quality results.

For more information about our services, watch out for our next blog post or contact us to book a digital marketing consultation.

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