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February 21, 2013  |   SEO, Social Media

As the first post of our new Island Media Management blog I want to firstly say hello.  We hope that over the coming weeks and months we can provide you with some useful information about SEO & Social Media; we would love to hear your questions and feedback.  We also hope you like our new website and blog.

SEO & Social Media - what is it?

SEO & Social Media - why is it important?
SEO & Social Media - why is it important?

It wasn't hard to know what to write about for this first post.  I think the big question on every ones lips is what actually is SEO and Social Media, why is it important and why do I need to think about that.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the means by which you develop your website so that  when people search online your website is found by search engines.  Imagine that you have the most beautiful website yet no one can find it when they search online.  You can imagine how disappointed you would be, there are a lot of people out there with that feeling right now.  If you build a web site and optimize it for the search engines then you have a great chance of ranking well.  That means when someone uses Google for a search term relevant to your product or service, you will come up on the first page of results, and hopefully be right at the top and ahead of your competitors.

But why do you want that?  Simply put, if more people are looking at your website you have more chance to get more customers.  That is assuming you have a good conversion strategy to get them from your website to your business.

This may sound too simple yet anyone involved with SEO knows that is not the case.

So how does Social Media fit in?

We really have to understand first what the major search engines are looking for with a website.  The key importance is the customer; we do not make websites for search engines, we make them so our customers can source information, products and services.  If your website does a great job at addressing your customers needs, making information clear and to the point, there is a good chance you will do well in the search engines.  In today's world people are interacting online, talking with their friends on social networks and basing most of their purchasing decisions on these interactions.

People trust what their friends say about a product or service over what a website tells them!

So when people are sharing information about your website on these social networks, the major search engines are looking at this in a positive way.  It means the more people like your content and share it, the more importance Google will give to your site.  Do you know anyone in their teens or twenties that don't use social media in some form?  In the years ahead social networks are going to be massive; it vital to your online success to have an effective SEO and Social Media strategy in place.

If you have any feedback on how you adopted an SEO & Social Media strategy we would love to hear it.

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