Recently, we’ve been covering the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization. Including what SEO is, which SEO components you should be applying in your small business, and if your business needs SEO.

seo strategies

Looking for an SEO provider can be time consuming and empty your pockets in a blink of an eye – especially if you haven’t researched enough in finding a trusted and professional agency. That’s why we’re here to save your time and your money. Island Media Management is a Bali based digital marketing agency. If you’re a small business looking at digital marketing as a way to grow, our experienced team of marketing professionals will give you optimum results.

Questions you should be asking SEO providers

Listed below are a few great questions you can prepare when interviewing potential agencies you will be working with. This shows the company you are knowledgeable yet looking for somebody who can advise and find a solution to your small business’s needs. We have also answered these questions to save your time if you’re looking for a reliable digital marketing company based in Bali, Indonesia.

  • How will you improve my business’s SEO? With understanding of the fundamentals of SEO, you are now looking to these companies for a strategy. Ask them about the technical aspects, content optimization, on-page optimization, and the other SEO categories we have previously mentioned here in part 1 of our blog series.
    At Island Media Management, we take a unique approach. We’ll analyze business’s current positions and create a clear business strategy that will involve the use of SEO. Management, reporting, and maintenance will be included.
  • What SEO types do you specialize in? SEO has many moving aspects you have to take into account. Many smaller digital marketing agencies only focus on the simple aspects of SEO. So you may want to be sure that the agency you’re choosing is a good fit for your business requirements.
    To name a few items to consider, Island Media Management takes account of local aspects, national aspects, organic aspects, content, authority, and links.
  • How and what will you report to us each month? Depending on what you’re looking for in the reports, it will affect your budget. Here are a few SEO aspects you would want to know how well they are going: tracked keywords, improvements from the result of the tracked keywords, how much work has been completed and what is planned for next month.
    With Island Media Management, our SEO services will also include maintenance your website – ensuring minor updates are complete and making sure that your online assets are under protection.

seo report

  • Do you stand up to all of Google’s Webmaster guidelines? Google is the world’s leading search engine. By your selected SEO provider following Google’s protocol, they create Google friendly links and content. This allows Google to realize that your website is not spam or unauthorized.
    Island Media Management is Bali’s only digital marketing agency that is Google certified in mobile, search, and display advertising. So in everything Google related, we’ve got your back.

Island Media Management is a unique team specializing in digital marketing, especially for hospitality; a large industry here in Bali, Indonesia. Work with us to get your small business running in the right direction.

Contact us today and stay tuned to the end of the series to find out more of what you can do to grow your small business with SEO!

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