Smart Alliance is a new consulting firm which provides support for business success and innovative educational services worldwide. The Smart Alliance team is a passionate one, and does everything to provide the best service to its customers. Due to the quality of services provided by Smart Alliance, they needed the best possible solution when it came to building their website so they got in touch with our team here at Island Media Management.

Assigned design objectives

SA new website
Smart Alliance asked us to align their site with their company-wide branding standards.

For this client they did not have an old website as the company was new and thus they needed a website built from scratch, without any previous website designs to work with.

In our initial talks with the owner at Smart Alliance, he shared with us his vision of making the website a key component of the company’s marketing strategy. He assigned the following goals for us:

1. Align the visual design of the site with the company’s overall branding scheme.
2. Ensure the look of the website was professional, yet easy to use.
3. Increase the inquiries coming to from the website.
4. Create a strong platform so the site can rank well in Google SERP’s.
5. Create the website based on a strong CMS platform that is easy to user for their team.




Keeping a strong brand identity

Final webdesign for SA
Final design, aligned with company branding, as approved by SA.

Our design team was able to meet the branding objectives assigned by Smart Alliance. We created the websites visual layout and design based on a modern WordPress Multisite architecture. This allows the Smart Alliance’s editors to easily access and manage their assigned sections of the site.

Our team performed a complete SEO assessment of the new website to ensure it was up to current standards set out by Google.

1. Design meets company branding standards
2. Professional appearance that is easy to use.
3. Built with SEO in mind to help increase traffic to the site.
4. USed WordPress CMS which is an easy to use platform that is widely available and easy to update.

You can have a look at the Smart Alliance website here –



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