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July 24, 2015  |   Marketing, Social Media

Social media has become an important tool used by travelers throughout the world to make vacation plans and choose the best hotels that match their tastes and wants. With the increased level of competition in the hotel industry, it is imperative to find ways of staying ahead of the pack and meeting the needs of clients.

For the hotel industry, there are different kinds of social media marketing services with the capability of driving valuable audiences across several social channels as such:social media for hotels

1. Increasing traffic through a website

2. Increasing online presence

3. Generating assisted value

How Social Media Marketing Works?

For hotels, the social media marketing tools used must be comprehensive in order to ensure they enhance the social outreach as well as engagement of the hotel. Through use of social signals, it is possible to increase community engagement and this not only brings a business into great focus, but it also leads to incremental revenue.

Through use of proprietary software such as MEdiaConnect360, hotels are placed at the forefront seat to integrate social, local, organic and paid media strategies into one major powerful and reliable tool.

The best thing about social media marketing is the fact it provides a platform for some level of frankness. It is more like having hundreds of clients in a room talking about your hotel, offering their comments and ways to improve services as well as providing ideas to others. In essence, it provides the perfect opportunity to market your hotel.

Through social media, hotels are able to advertise last-minute special rates, contests and deals that increase traffic flow.

Social Media Marketing Techniques

Some of the most reliable social media marketing techniques for hotels include the following:

– Profile optimizationsocial media for hotels

– Competitive analysis

– Use of videos and photos

– Twitter

– A custom Facebook page

– Facebook sweepstakes

– Content calendar

– ROI & Reporting

– Graviti promotion

– Use of blogs

The use of Facebook, for instance, can increase loyalty and fan base. It also leads to enhanced brand reputation and makes it possible for businesses to present unique deals to clients. Hotels can have their Facebook pages optimized by using rich keyword searches.

A blog on the other hand personalizes the hotel with its unique stories and strong voice, while a Flickr account can be used to increase website traffic. Flickr provides a platform to share photos, and by tagging them under the appropriate categories, engine optimization is enhanced.

Use Social Media to Increase Your Hotel Revenue

Social media is a great marketing tool and one that is not going to disappear anytime soon. Therefore, hotels should capitalize on the benefits offered by this form of marketing to boost traffic and increase revenue.

If you have experiences in using social media to increase hotel revenue or other tourism industry, please let us know.

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