3 Steps For a Successful Social Media Campaign in Bali

May 26, 2013

Social Media

It is too easy these days to think that if you set up a Facebook account and post some random information that you are getting involved in social media and you can expect some great things to happen to your business. If only it was that easy! In my line of work I come across many people who feel they understand social media and know the importance of it yet the actual fact is that they have little understanding of what social media is all about or how to use it.

Successful Social Media in Bali

In reality a successful social media campaign has to align with all of your online marketing goals in order to achieve the desired end result. Website construction and design, effective SEO, search engine ranking, social media management, marketing strategy and brand management all add up to a successful or unsuccessful marketing campaign.

As a Bali based business, you have to ask yourself the question – How do I make a successful social media campaign in Bali?

Identify Key Performance Indicators

Social Media and Social Signals influence search engine rankings
Successful Social Media Campaigns in Bali

Before you start any social media campaign you need to understand what you are trying to achieve. Having a clear understanding of what you are trying to get out of your campaign is essential in order to determine if it was successful or not. Are you looking to establish a core base of customers who you are able to communicate with? In this case you may want to get as many likes as possible on your Facebook page or twitter account. Are you trying to get direct sales or recommendations? Knowing your key performance indicators allows you to judge the results.

Survey Before You Start

It’s a good idea to understand where you are before you start your social media campaign. You can not judge how successful your social media campaign has been if you don’t understand where you started. If you are trying to improve your search engine rankings by driving more traffic to your website then it is a good idea to evaluate your current rankings and understand how your SEO strategy may affect results.

You also want to know what your customers are saying about you and your current efforts. Try asking them how you are doing, what do they want to see improved, how can you help them?

Survey After

To determine your results it is easy to look at your original goals, those key performance indicators, to see if you have reached them or not. If you have not quite reached them you may need to judge whether the campaign was still successful or not. You can ask yourself questions as well as your customers. Getting customer feedback through online feedback forms and social media outlets is a great way to see if your campaign worked.

There is a considerable amount of effort and thought that needs to go into a successful social media campaign. One effective way to handle this is to use a social media specialist, such as Island Media Management.

When do you plan to start your next social media campaign?

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