Social Media Engagement and why it Matters for Your Business

October 7, 2016

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Navigating social media can be confusing and even frustrating for many organizations. There seems to be so much to do in order to get the right followers. In addition, you have to learn the right strategies to use for different social media platforms. We all know by now how important social media is for branding and marketing. Learning the rules of successful social media engagement will put you way ahead of the competition.

Building Engagement in Social Media

Defining Social Media Engagement

When businesses hear the term ‘engagement’ the first thing that comes to their mind is ‘customer relationships’. Although the two are similar, there is a distinct difference between them. Customer engagement is about interactions with customers. It is about creating an open line of communication with your customers.

Social media engagement uses social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to create a better user experience through open communication. Customers who choose to engage with an organization on social media are placing their trust in that organization to provide them with a solution to a problem.

Whether it is complaints or complements, social media engagements helps you understand your customers, their interaction with your brand and what they have to say about it all in real time. You therefore have a better chance of responding faster and more effectively. You’ll also be able to identify opportunities for your brand much faster and more clearly.Building Engagement in Social Media Woman hand using smartphone and show technology icon social media. Concept social network.

Tips to Improve Social Media Engagement

    • Take the initiative Don’t wait for people to start the conversation. Every great conversation needs someone to initiate it. You can host a Q&A session on a popular platform such as Twitter or open the doors to questions from customers by aing popular ask-me-anything (AMA) sessions.Customers will be more inclined to reach out to you if you reach out to them first. Don’t give in to the temptation to only promote your products or services. Encourage participation and inteion by presenting engaging content.
    • Promote your fans Do you have fans? Are there people who promote your brand on social media? One good turn deserves another. You can get conversation going by promoting content from brand enthusiasts e.g. ask your customers to include hashtags or mens for using or talking about your products. Post content generated by users on your own social media accounts for increased engagement.
    • Keep up with what’s trending Another way to get the conversation going is by intertwining trending events with your content. Keep a watch on what’s trending on networks as well as the latest news and include this in your content.

That’s all about the important things you should know about Social Media Engagement. If you need the help in this area, feel free to contact us.

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