Social Media Marketing Trends Nowadays #Part2

August 24, 2015  |   Advertising, Marketing, Social Media

In the previous post, we have discussed about some trends in social media marketing nowadays. As you see from that post, there’s trend of paid social media advertising, video marketing, and content marketing.

Through this article, we’re gonna show you more trends in social media marketing. if you pay attention to the trends and try to keep up with it, there’s a huge chance for you to improve your business.

Trends in Social Media Marketing

Below are some other trends in social media marketing:

1. Emergence of New Social Media Applications

Google+ has gained popularity since its introduction. Latest stats show that currently, it has approximately 540 million users. This growthcan be substantiated by the popularity of Google and Google email prevalence.

Snap Chat is another entrant into the social media sphere. This trendy mobile application allows users to send out videos, texts and photos in form of ‘snaps.’ The snaps are auto destroyed after every 10 or less seconds depending on the settings.

social media trends in mobileThe fact that the snap chats get permanently deleted from the server explains why most people prefer it. It ensures privacy of individual information. Due to its multimedia nature, there is likelihood that it will be integrated into social media marketing in the near future.

Other new entrants in the social media marketing spheres include: Ello, Vimeo, Instagram, Vine, Hyperlapse, Confide, Clipchat and MavSocial. Each entrant presents a unique benefit to the users. For instance, Ello promises to protect the privacy of its users.

Some of these new entrants continue to bring to the surface the issue of privacy for users, data collection and pervasive advertising. This is likely to affect social media marketing trends in the future. Hence, the expected rise in popularity of applications with a self-destructing feature.

2. Increased Popularity of Mobile Social Media Marketing

Mobile penetration stands at 90% globally. This is evidenced by the increase in sales of phones. Smartphones have gained popularity making them a considerable channel for digital media marketing. This is because people always have their phones beside them. As such, this becomes a direct link between businesses to the consumers.

Most social media applications are mobile integrated. It is estimated that one billion people access the internet through their phones. As such, it is only sensible to integrate social media marketing with mobile phones. Besides, 60% of social media use is through smartphones and tablets in comparison to the use of desktops. This percentage is expected to increase due to availability of Wi-Fi and affordable internet plans around the globe.

Keep Improving Your Social Media Marketing Strategy!

Social media marketing presents more opportunities for businesses in the future. Skillful adaption of this strategy can give businesses a competitive edge. In addition, it is an opportunity for the businesses to present their brand and engage with customers. Basically, it’s a platform for building customer loyalty.

If you know other trends in social media marketing that would be beneficial to share, please let us know.

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