Top Ideas for Better Social Media Marketing – Part 1

January 8, 2016

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Gaining website traffic and attention towards you or your business through social media sites is what social media marketing is all about. The marketing programs involved normally revolve around efforts geared towards creating content that will attract attention and instill the desire of its readers to share such information across all their networks. Through this process, more and more people will get to learn about you, your business, products or services, and that will be the right kind of exposure.

How to Create a Social Media Strategy

Better Social Media Marketing Ideas

Social media marketing is a formidable tool in online promotions: serving as the Internet's ‘word of mouth’ media for getting the word around. Within the social networking sites, there exists virtual communities that have people who can share virtually any information, idea and thought within those communities and across the board to others. Being formidable and cheap cost by itself is not meaning you do not need a strategy. Yes, you need a better social media marketing plan in order to compete with multitude of marketers outside and win your customers' hearts. So to help you making a better plan in your social media marketing, here some our top ideas that we are happily share with you:

1. Set a Successful Marketing Plan for Social Media

As a first step, having a plan is always a sure way to success. Begin by gathering information on your target audience, their interests and choice of social networks. Even as you implement your marketing plan, you will have to create content that is going to be helpful, insightful and interesting to the audience you target.

On the same breath, establish guidelines on what is going to go out on social media and prescribe the precise people within your staff, who are going to do that job. Methods for not only posting content on social media but also creating it will need to be established way before the social media marketing campaign is underway.

2. Set Business Goals for the whole Social Media Marketing Exercise

You already have your business goals, and including social marketing within those goals is going to be a very important and wise step. Simply tracking your social media activities doesn’t do much at enhancing the whole idea and actualizing your target goals. For better, more organized and evidently successful social media marketing, you need to set clear benchmarks that firmly represent where you want your social marketing to take you.

Set specific goals such as an increase in sales after a specific amount of time and resources on social media, or a percentage increase in brand awareness and positive acceptance as a direct result of social media marketing.

3. Maintain Content that is not just Insightful but also Original as Well

Copied content will not go down well with set algorithms by search engines such as the ‘Google Authorship’ concept, which will immediately mark down and kill content that has been copied. The bottom line in all of the online marketing strategies is acquiring that favorable, highly placed position on search engine results. Not having and maintaining original content will greatly hinder the success of your social media marketing.

Being in the good books with major search engines is definitely going to be the make or break for your online marketing undertaking. With original content, you will be able to amplify your perceived authority online, and that will give power to your brand which is going to translate into more sales, more revenue and more growth.

Want more tips to be at the top of your social media game?

Watch out for part 2 of this article next week, where we will share some more top ideas to get your social media marketing plan and strategy started!

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