Top Ideas for Better Social Media Marketing – Part 2

January 11, 2016  |   Marketing, Social Media

As we promised last week, here are some more top ideas to get your social media marketing campaigns started:

Top Ideas that Will Cut the Edge

1. Enhance your Content

Incorporate images and videos onto your content to make it even more interesting and sharable. As you create visual enhancements, place them on template backgrounds that have a similar feel and look. This will ensure that people easily associate that content with your business just by its layout.

Also, schedule to post all your new content at the same regular intervals and at the same time of the day each time. When posting videos, add interactive time stamps in them to keep the attention of your audiences long enough to view the whole thing and also give them the opportunity to go straight to those sections that they find most interesting.

2. Provide Customer Service for your Social Presence and Make Sure it is Fast

Given the instantaneous nature of the online world, people, and more so your customers, expect immediate responses when engaging with you through social media. About 42% of the social media audiences want answers within the first hour of their inquiry, and yet 9% of the audiences want that answer in less than five minutes.

Once you make the decision to go the social media marketing way, there is no shortcut when it comes to customer service; you simply have to make sure that you have an active customer service department for your social engagements and that it is quick with responses. The best advice here is not to strive too much on acquiring a bigger audience; simply focus instead on keeping the audience that you already have, happy and content.

3. Embrace Honesty in your Social Presence

The way social media is structured, it is virtually impossible for you to hide the truth about something, especially if it is a mistake on your part. The social media world is always bustling with robust discussions and these quite easily expose half-truths. Social media can be quick to banish and tarnish anyone who makes a mistake, and trying to hide and lie about it will only fuel that fire further.

Your customers, followers and audiences will quickly get over the mistakes on your part when you promptly own up to them and appropriately apologize in a professional manner. This is also a less taxing approach than trying to ignore comments about the mistakes or even trying to justify them or argue that they never happened.

4. Augment your Social Online Presence

Do not stop at simply opening an account at Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter; you need to engage and utilize available tools such as analytic software that will give you an instant picture of how your social networking is doing, what is being discussed by your customers and how the overall exercise is doing in terms of attracting and maintaining high quality traffic.

Many ‘tools’ are available that make it easy for one to check, analyze and calculate the exact progress of your online marketing efforts. With the help of people who have experience in social media marketing and those who understand modern trends, the results will definitely be in your favor.

5. Implement your Strategies across a Variety of Social Networks

You need to take your social marketing activities across a range of social networks and not just limit them to one or two. Doing so will give you a strong presence in a number of these social sites, and hence increase your visibility. Build strong connections with people who are already involved with your content and forge networks with thought leaders.

On the same front, this is going to help you share your content multiple times online and thus reach people on different time zones, get more traffic and connect with those who have joined your following. Your old content will still be new to those seeing it for the first time, and therefore the multiple social networks should give you a platform to republish and repost such content for the benefit of prospects and new customers.

Ready to Go!

Yup! That’s all wrapped, and you are ready to go to start your strategic social media marketing plan. Let us know what you think about our tips with commenting below. We will be very happy to hear it.

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