5 of the Biggest Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Can Make

September 4, 2015

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Over the past few years, social media has exploded as a preferred marketing tool for both small and large businesses. Great success has been attributed to social media marketing.

However, skillful planning and implementation is required to achieve success in social media marketing.

Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Below are some common mistakes businesses make when implementing their social media policy:

common mistake social media marketing

1. Failure to Establish and Implement a Social Media Policy

A social media policy lays the guidelines for your organization and employees on how to handle your brand’s social media strategy. It dictates the tone of communication and a brief guideline of what to communicate through social media.

Failure to effectively implement the policy can be disastrous to the brand’s PR.

2.Using the Same Marketing Strategy for Every Social Media Channel

Every social media channel caters to a different audience; hence a unique strategy is required for every social media platform. Take time to research your audience in each platform and create content that caters to each audience’s needs.

The tone and style of delivery of content also varies from one platform to another.

3. Having an Incomplete Social Media Bio

Your social media bio should detail what your business does, your location, your website, contact address, your products and any other relevant information. Your bio should be well detailed and clear so that anyone visiting your page clearly knows what you do.

A detailed bio adds value to your brand.

4. Assuming Social Media is a One Way Street

Businesses must be willing to listen to the audience. This is the only way they will understand their audience’s needs and cater to them effectively. Social media is designed as a two way street hence communication should be conversational. Its essence is to make a connection as opposed to closing a sale.

Your brand’s social media policy should encourage interaction with the audience. Interaction with the audience helps identify prospective customers and build long-term relationships with them.

Besides, the audience is always being bombarded with marketing and advertising information. This can be suffocating to them and just having a conversation that is not aimed at closing a sale can mean a lot to them.

5. Focusing on the Numbers Versus the Quality of the Audience

For your social media marketing strategy to work, you need to focus on attracting an audience that truly needs your services and products. Many social media managers tend to focus on the number of likes to a page.

However, this does not guarantee you the intended marketing outcome.

Avoid Social Media Marketing Mistakes!

A few mistakes in the implementation of social media marketing can cost your business success. because of that, you need to be very careful in maintaining social media marketing for your business. Avoiding common mistakes above will help you to improve your marketing result.

If you have other ideas about the social media marketing mistakes that many people do nowadays, please let us know.

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