February is coming right towards you, and still, you are not sure yet what has to be changed or what has to be kept on your company social media marketing plan for this 2016? We have some idea: read these trends below, and you will get some hints of what to do with your company social media marketing plan for the rest of 2016.

Three Trends Pick Up Pace

You won’t need a crystal ball to see just how quickly social media is becoming the standard in operating procedures for companies all around the world. Social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn have really changed how businesses interact with their customers, how they communicate with their employees and how they offer their products and services as they do business. 2016 is going to see the following three trends pick up pace with regards to companies and the social media arena.

The Venturing into Social Messaging by Companies

Messaging largely remains in the foggy realm of what has gone on to be known as the dark social. As of now, it remains a mystery what type of messages or content is being shared through all the messaging applications out there. It is also not clear how all that affects online traffic and conversions. Most of the bolder brands are already testing the waters on the potential of messaging, but it largely remains untapped. It is only a matter of time before it’s determined how all that potential can be availed to businesses and companies for marketing and advertising purposes.

Create messaging on how you change the way you do business


Just to get a clear image of the magnitude of potential present here, picture this; there are close to 4 billion users of messaging services in the world today, using apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Kik, Wechat and so on. As it is now, all major social networks have incorporated messaging components inside them. For now, the only clear channel that is emerging with regards to messaging is the one on one social media customer service. Twitter has already lifted the 140 character limit on direct messages all because of customer support services. Facebook Messenger on the other hand is already piloting its own customer service features.

New Direction on Social Media Advertising

In a disparity towards the old ways of flashing banner ads, there are the new ‘native’ social media ads such as the sponsored posts and promoted tweets on social sites. These ads look and act like the normal updates from followers and friends. Then they are also highly targeted, and the precision for this continues to get enhanced. Advertisers are finding it easier to pinpoint their targets not only by gender and age like before, but also through things like location, interests, affiliations, positions, roles, relationships and much more.


social media trends 2016-social advertising


In 2015, spending on advertising in social media increased by 33.5% to almost $24 billion. The trend is expected to continue and by the time 2017 is here, advertising in social media might just account for 16% of the total spend on digital advertising globally. There is a host of easy to use tools that simplify what was the exclusive domain of those expensive media buyers. Now small businesses are able to put up their own social media ads, complete with design, and pay for them with just a few clicks of the mouse. Such are the kind of things that are behind the accelerated growth of social media advertising.

Social Video Explosion

Facebook’s daily video views did more than double during the past year to hit 8 billion, and at the same time, Twitter made the decision to launch its native video platform. Snapchat on the other hand swanks of 6 billion video views every day. With adult users estimated to each consume about 66 minutes of online video each day, this trend is only expected to rise even further in 2016.

online marketing - video social media

Everyone is gearing up for this new opportunity as we can see from Facebook’s preparation to roll out new features like Suggested Videos, and probably even throw in a dedicated video feed. Snapchat’s Snapchat Stories are now even more popular and full of new features. This is why 70% of companies agree that video is now the most effective tool within their online marketing endeavours. The only thing that’s hindering this trend now is the high cost of videos which have been done professionally.

Adjust Your Social Media Sail

As the era of the world keeps going further, the customers’ behaviors will always keep changing, customers’ needs will always keep evolving, and businesses are expected to be able to cope with that.

How strong your company’s business could survive can not be measured by only applying the same past marketing approach anymore. You need to keep your company’s marketing updated, you need to adjust them. This is including updating your social media marketing plan with the new trends and adjust it as the changing of customers’ behaviors and customers’ needs.

What do you think? Which of these trends are you ready for? Or you are thinking of adjusting your past social media marketing plan? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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