Is Social Media worth investing your time in for your business?

September 13, 2017

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Businesses have been bending over backward to be involved in the world of social media because consumers are gravitating towards these growing, popular channels.

As one of Bali’s fast paced digital marketing agencies, Island Media Management has been observing multiple local businesses grow and engage through the use of social media. We start the beginning of this week with a frequently asked question finally answered!

Does social media possess value?

social media worth for business

Google is without a doubt one of the biggest sources of customer referrals to local and global businesses (Although, some may debate that the ROI of Google’s PPC advertising for specific companies and industries); however, everyone wants to be discovered in the organic search results. And the unstoppable social platform Facebook is at the top of the list with its volume of users.

It's too simple if the value of social media can be narrowed down to the number of followers, likes, retweets, and other evidence of popularity. However, some marketers mistook this as proof and include it during a monthly report to their client, and there’s a reason for this: numbers are the best way to express results. At Island Media Management, we introduce real value when using social media as a marketing tool.

The trivial matters that revolve around social media

For local businesses, there have been a few common gripes when turning to social media as a major marketing tool:

  • No sales: Social media cannot show sales from social media activities. There is no purchase call to action especially in using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • No traffic: Unlike Google analytics, you never know your how much traffic is being driven to your social media platform. Google Analytics also shows an audience overview that can be essential information to improve the local business’ target audience.
  • The risk of “sharecropping”: Sharecropping is considered dangerous when it comes to creating original content. You can have your team of content developers put all the time and effort but have it evaporate with the heavy content from bigger, more successful social media businesses.

Are these Gripes rational?

They make sense, but it doesn’t cover the bigger picture or opportunities social media can offer.

With our experience using social media for our clients, this booming marketing tool can provide a lot of indirect benefits:

  • SEO: With Google and Bing now noticing the impact of social media marketing, these search engines can now use the signals that these platforms provide to help sites rank better.
  • Proactive Online Reputation Management: Being part of popular social media platforms act as a great defense from attacks that harm your reputation from other competitors. Social media updates act as a barrier to negative websites to appear when your company is being Googled.
  • Availability: Some businesses mistake higher rankings as a higher status in that current social media platform. However, higher rankings also show subtle signals to potential consumers that your business is established and provides spot on service.

Conclusion: social media is worth investing

It may be that most businesses don’t see an instant return from social media development, however, this is a great way to jumpstart your social media strategies without worrying about competitors.

For more information about Island Media Management’s social media service, join us and let us direct you to create a smart and simple content that contributes to your social media goals.

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