If you have been reading about SEO ranking, then you know that your Social Network is quite interlinked with it. If you have set up social media pages and are active there, your ranking will be greatly affected. Here are some guidelines that can help you milk your social sites for all they are worth:

Social Network and How It Boosts Your SEO Rankings

  • Link to Social Sites – In the past, low quality links could get you ranked really high on Google, but today it is not so. In order to use links to your benefit, they have to be of excellent quality. Social media platforms are today considered excellent quality links. As such, if you have social media presence, you can easily build quality links that will positively affect your website ranking. You should consider regular blogs that link back to your website, or videos that accompany your blogs.
  • Grow your followers – When search engines scroll, they make sure to take note of whether you have social media presence and if you are actively updating and sharing information on these sites. The number of followers you have on your social media pages is important. This is because the more followers you have, the more likely you are to have your links, content and blogs shared. You want people who will engage the content not just superficial followers.
  • Keyword integration – whether you are using Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest or Facebook to share your content, it is important to ensure that your content has the relevant keywords in it. By using the keywords, you will be able to divert your social media followers to your website. It is also important to use keywords in your posts on social media as well.
  • Searchable content – One of the best ways to improve your rankings on search engines is by having it shared. Social sites make it easy to share the content, engage with it and search it. Additionally, you maximize on the number of people who see it because it is shared by so many people. Some of the best social network platforms for sharing include Facebook and Pinterest.  Facebook also makes it easy to search for content that one may want to look up again.

Search engines are the number one way to attract visitors and to draw them to your website, but your social network platforms come in at a close second. Not only do you get more visitors, but you can also see an increase in revenues and conversions. Feel free to contact if you have further questions about SEO and social network, Island Media Management here to help you.

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