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December 22, 2018

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Website development in Bali – a step by step guide on how your website project will look with Island Media Management. Your project will be unique, however here is a general overview of the three main steps of our website projects:


Step 1: Website Design Process

During this stage of your project, we will take your concepts and ideas and create a design mock up that aligns with your Brand Identity and conversion goals.

We usually like to start with the home page and perhaps one or two internal pages depending on the scope of your project. This initial design will allow us to get an idea of what the colors, fonts and general layout should look like on your website.

After this initial design concept, you will have two revisions in which to refine the design concept to your liking. We are usually able to get almost to one hundred percent after the first design revision.

Our website design process is managed by our creative manager and team of graphic designers who have worked with Island Media Management for years; our team are confident in creating website designs that can easily be transformed into websites that work for you.

Lotus Antique Website Mock Up 

Step 2: Website Development in Bali

Once you have approved the design concept, we will move to the development stage. During this stage, we will be implementing the design concepts into a live website; which you will be provided with access to view.

It is during this stage that content and images will be added to the website. This is also often where we see delays to the website launch date – it is so important to have your images and content ready to go by this stage of your project so that there are no delays to your launch.

The website development stage is managed by our team of highly specialized programmers, our team is based here in Bali and is made up of programmers with differing specializations to ensure that we have the right person for the job!

Mrs Sippy Website Design Project 

Step 3:  Final Review and Website Launch

Once the website is complete with images and text; there is a final review stage where you will have the opportunity to look through the site to see if there are any final edits that need to be made before the website is launched.

Once we receive your approval, we will launch the website. We prefer to launch new websites on Mondays – Wednesdays as our offices are closed over Saturday / Sunday and we like to be on hand for any problems that may arise after the site has launched.

During these remaining two days of the week, we also continue optimization of the website, some of which cannot be done before the site is live.

Pravarna Website Design Project

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