The Art of Storytelling – The Power of A Story

August 27, 2019

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The Art of Storytelling The Power of A Story

We all know the power of a story. Everyone can relate to stories, it’s part of how we grow up and what our world revolves around! We watch movies, series on Netflix and read novels to get and experience good stories. Other media such as newspapers, songs and video games have stories to tell within them that has the power to attach and move people to their peak of emotions.

As marketers or business owners, we should be using stories to express our ideas. Creating stories can help show our understanding and products, and may build loyalty, transparency, and trust between our customers.

Use Other's Stories

If you’re having trouble with where to start, you can use other stories as examples. Remember to not only focus on the topic of your story, as that will only bore your audience on the descriptive, causing them to leave your writing.

Make your writing more entertaining by using anecdotes, which include a human protagonist running through the topic at hand.

Your Journey is Your Inspiration

Stories are all around you! If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas for your stories, you don’t need deep research. Instead, you can use your own journey and experiences as inspiration. It can be in the form of a simple thing such as a chat with your buddy, a hilarious moment at home, or something that happened at work.

You can pretend that the main protagonist is based on yourself or some other people you know in your life, with an event that really happened.

Make Your Story Relatable

The power of a story lies in connection. If you create a story that others can easily relate to, the story will become more powerful. Let's say after reading your story, your readers already emotionally attached to the characters that you built. Add details to make your characters exciting and make them into what people can understand and relate to.

Add Some Pictures

There are a lot of benefits to adding images and illustrations to your stories. It will make stories easier to grasp and make what you are trying to deliver clearer. And of course, your content will appear more attractive and fun for readers.

If you are telling a story about a particular person who is using your service or brand, you should add a picture or illustration of this person to engage your readers more.

Ready to create and share your story?

Remember that storytelling doesn’t need to be big and epic like what you see in your favorite movies or novels. There are many ways to express your stories  to make them work.

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