Strategies to Get more Twitter Followers in 2017

June 30, 2017

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Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media platforms that are available and highly-relevant today. It is also one of the most powerful tools to be had that you can use to maximize your company’s inbound marketing efforts as you focus on approaching customers through relevant and helpful content.

So effective is Twitter that statistics have shown that over 90% of Twitter-users would not think twice when purchasing from any small or medium sized companies that they follow on this social media platform.

Despite this, many marketers still find it challenging to perfect their Twitter strategies to effectively attract and engage followers who are also potential customers. However, it may seem impossible for you to get through to your target audiences on an already noisy platform filled with so-called experts voicing their opinions on just about every topic.

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So how do you overcome this challenge? The following suggestions could help you to refine your social media strategies, which will allow you to stand out and get more of the right kind of followers on Twitter while strengthening your Twitter presence.

How to get more followers for your twitter:

Get to know your audiences

If you want to get more people to follow you on Twitter, you have to know who they are. Develop buyer personas and go after them. Your list of personas may be complex depending on the nature of your business.

Find influencers

A great way to grow your Twitter followers is to find those that influence your target audiences and direct them to you. One effective way of doing this is by using the ‘search new prospects on Twitter’ feature on HubSpot. This feature will provide you with a list of relevant influencers that you can study to find shared connections or potential opportunities.

Keep track of your prospects

What are your prospects interested in? What are they talking about? Social media is all about sharing ideas and voicing opinions. Monitoring your prospects can help you identify opportunities to engage. You can use tools to keep track of the topics and content that they post, comments that they retweet and conversations that they are taking part in.

Engage with purpose
Building Engagement in Social Media by Knowing Your Audience

Now that you’ve learned about your target personas and their interests, you are finally ready to engage. Sit down and select the piece of content that would speak to your persona and pique their interests; this can include a blog post or even a whitepaper, which you can alternate as you tweet content. Create a schedule with a list of influencers that you’re interested in attracting and tweet them with the relevant content. Add a personalized message or, if you’ve been following them closely, address an issue that they’ve mentioned previously on their profile.

Successful inbound marketing requires persistence. Be sure to tweet every day. Send tweets until you’ve exhausted your list and pick a new piece of content to begin tweeting.

You can be sure that implementing a successful Twitter strategy is difficult and sometimes mundane. It takes a lot of time, persistence, consistency and energy in addition to the other aspects of your business that you have to take care of. Social media is a full-time job and you need someone who is dedicated and experienced enough to handle your accounts for you.

It is for this reason alone that you should consider partnering with an experienced digital marketing agency so that you do not have to add all of the above and more to your already overflowing plate. Island Media Management is the leading digital marketing agency in Bali that is able to handle all the hard social media aspects of your business for you. Get in touch with us to know more about what we can do for your social media's success.

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