Desktop lives on: why everything SEO isn’t mobile prioritized

To be mobile responsive is now a core area of focus in the world of SEO tactics, and it’s easy

Effectively Using Instagram for Hotels

Instagram for hotels offers unique opportunities to build awareness and engage travelers. Since time immemorial, travelers have been taken photos to

6 Top Google Analytic Reports in 5 minutes

For many of our clients we know they have a Google Analytic’s account but they don’t know how to use

Keyword Research – the basics!

Whether you are building a new website, or looking how to optimize your current site, keyword research becomes the most

The Benefits of blogging

Have you employed an SEO company to help you with our online marketing? If the answer is yes then you

Wondered why your SEO efforts aren’t working? Did you check Duplicate content?

It was a normal Tuesday morning at Island Media Management and I was just replying to an email from a

3 Steps For a Successful Social Media Campaign in Bali

It is too easy these days to think that if you set up a Facebook account and post some random

Convincing Your Boss You Need SEO Services

We don’t all live in a world where our bosses are switched onto search engine optimization, social media and understand

Can an SEO Campaign be Influenced by Social Media?

Too many people ask me why Social Media is important to your SEO marketing efforts so I thought it would

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