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How Often Should You Post on Social Media?

The top accounts are posting multiple times a day from Instagram, Twitter, to Facebook and Youtube. Some Twitter accounts are churning up 100 posts in a single week, and you might be wondering whether or not you need to do such a thing to be “up to standard” with other accounts.

High-quality content on social media

What is considered as high-quality content on social media?

As we know, social media has developed at an incredibly rapid pace. The year was 2002 when Friendster first appeared, followed by Flickr, YouTube and MySpace. Then in 2006, Facebook began to emerge as a more modern social media platform. In 2009, Twitter followed suit, and by the following year, Instagram appeared. Snapchat appeared in 2011, and newer social media platforms began to emerge as well, notably Tik-Tok.

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Branding Lessons from the Tobacco Industry

Many companies spend a fortune on branding. However, the investment is not always proportional to the desired goal to be achieved, such as improved public relations, becoming a top-of-mind or leading brand, and earning customer trust. Marketers can forget that while the branding process is within their control, the brand itself is not. The branding process can be easily defined as the marketing actions that are apparent and tangible. Designing a logo, choosing a combination of brand colors, picking out the appropriate images and messages on the promotional media — these are examples of the branding process. However, the brand of a product, that is, society’s perception of a specific product belonging to a specific company, cannot be controlled as easily as changing the color of a logo. To be able to steer a brand perception to a desired position, you must learn from the best in the world of branding — the tobacco industry.

Visual Branding Guidelines

3 Steps to Create an Unforgettable Brand

What makes a brand unforgettable? Is it their product design? Logo? Or how they present themselves on social media? In this article, we’ll break down the basic elements of unforgettable brands.

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