Business Domain Names

Everything You Need to Know About Business Domain Names

Choosing a domain name is an essential step in crafting your business’s online presence.

website takes too long to load

Reasons why your website takes too long to load

Nothing is more annoying to users than a website that takes too long to load. In the fast-paced modern world, nobody wants to wait more than 3 seconds for a single element to appear on screen. The irony is that some of the websites with advanced graphic design have this kind of problem. Animations, high-resolution images, video embeds and layers upon layers of content hidden with unoptimized Javascript and CSS libraries can result in a heavy-to-load website.

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Does a Website Actually Increase Sales?

When we ask this question, what we are really asking is what is the impact of a website towards our business? Let’s consider a fictional business in the field of finance that is not a bank — let’s say it is a securities broker that sells stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

Mobile-first website design

What is Mobile-First Website Design?

In 2020, there is no question that getting a mobile-friendly website up and running is crucial, as mobile traffic occupies 53.3% of the total internet traffic in 2019 alone, according to Broadband Search. The need for mobile-friendly websites is amplified by the fact that many websites derive their traffic from social media platforms, which are increasingly oriented to mobile device users.

Web Design Color and Emotions Theory

Web Design Tips: Color and Emotions Theory

Web design has come a long way since the inception of the internet over 30 years ago. What started as a way to share information around the world, resulted in the rise of arguably the most important invention in the 20th century.

Website marketing header

Improve the Website Marketing Strategy for Your Online Business

Millions of people out there are online seeking information and products 24/7. Imagine all the possibilities, these people are probably also looking for what you have to offer.

Mobile First Website Design

Mobile First Website Design – Do you need it in 2020?

Mobile is at the peak of its game right now. Mobile devices have made a huge impact on web development and digital marketing in 2019, hence born the new terms - mobile first website design. In fact, you are probably reading this article on a mobile device.

Mobile Speed Ranking Factor for SEO

Mobile Speed is a ranking factor for SEO

Since mid-2018, Google announced a significant change to the mobile ranking factors. Even though speed has always been a factor

Why Website Design is Important?

Nowadays, having an online presence is more important than ever as it is likely to be the first interaction a

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