Why Tags Are Important For SEO

December 19, 2016  |   Marketing

Your SEO campaign needs to be strong if you are to boost traffic and revenue from your brand. One of the most important things to do, in addition to increasing your presence on social media and building backlinks, is on-page optimization. Tags are an essential aspect of doing so. They have been found to boost engagement and increase traffic regardless of whether they are blog post tags, Meta tags, header tags or title tags.

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The importance of tags is that they classify content in useful ways for the reader. Additionally, search engines find them easy to understand, which makes them very important where SEO is concerned. Many people wonder just how important tags are today. That is what we hope to answer today.

Title Tags – Search engines use them to figure out what the topic of the page is. Lately Google has shifted more towards semantics where search is concerned, which may affect its importance. However, it has been found that optimizing your title tag gives a better ranking. It is important to use a consistent tag even in the content.

Header Tags – These refer to subheadings and headings. Research in this area showed that there has been an increase in the use of header tags with the sites ranked top 30 said to have used them. The conclusion therefore, is that header tags are still relevant as part of your on-page optimizations strategy.

Blog post tags – These are built into the various blogging platforms such as WordPress. Such tags should be broad terms that will help categorize your posts, making them easier for visitors to find. Search engines on the other hand find it easier to interpret the content on your page, which means that your blog ranks better. These tags may not be ranked very highly by search engines, but they do get ranked. As such, you need to pay them some mind. It is important to Google that those who visit your site have a great user experience and these tags enable that.

In order to up your game where SEO is concerned, you will need to employ the use of tags. As you optimize the content on your website with useful and relevant tags, it will help your users have a great experience, which in turn will send you soaring up the rankings. When people have a great user experience, they tend to move from one page to the next and will be on your website for a long time enjoying what you have to offer. With the right tags, you can greatly enhance their experience and see yourself rising in Google rankings.

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