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March 29, 2017  |   Marketing, Social Media

Numbers never lie and this is a fact every marketer should know. If you are struggling to market your online business, you are probably not heeding to this old and tested maxim. You are probably not leveraging the growing numbers on social media networks.

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Irresistible Instagram User Stats
Instagram is one of the top social media platforms which every business should be using today. With over 500 million monthly active users (MAUs), this is a powerful platform for creating and sharing visual content for your business.

There are over 40 billion photos already shared on the platform with an average of 95 million being shared daily. An eMarketer study shows 48.8% of brands are using Instagram and the number is expected to rise to 71% in 2017. 605 of the top brands in the US use Instagram according to a report by WebDam.

Why Invest in Instagram Marketing?
If you are still not convinced by these user statistics, below are more reasons why your brand should invest in this social network. Take a look:

Enhanced Visibility
With Instagram posts, your brand will enjoy increased visibility online. Unlike other social media networks, your posts will be more visible on Instagram. Not only are the visuals appearing to your followers but they will also appear in the feeds of every one of your targeted followers.  Using hashtags creatively will give more exposure to your posts, again raising the profile of your brand online.

Wider Reach
Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks. Pew Research shows that 49% of Instagram users access the platform daily.  As younger users join the platform, your business should capitalize on this popularity to post visually attractive content to pass across a message.

Easy Ad Creation
Ad creation is a complex process but with Instagram Advertising, this has now been made easier. It is now possible to turn your organic posts into ads by adding branding and promotional messaging. This means anyone can now become an advertiser once they pick the right audience and create a good promotional post.

Modern business is data driven and the only way to stay ahead of the pack is by getting consumer insight. It is now possible to filter information about your followers and start an Instagram advertising campaign based on solid data.

Business Profile
It is now possible to mark your personal profile on Instagram as your business profile, thus making it easier to turn your followers into customers.

How do you build a successful Instagram story? Research your audience, be creative and integrate Instagram advertising with other online marketing strategies. You are not sure how to do it correctly? Island Media Management here in Bali, an experienced marketing agency, is ready to help you generate smart strategies and then implement them more effectively. Here are our satisfied clients. Curious to know more? Drop us a message here.

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