The Differences between Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics

October 6, 2018

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Users of Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics are often confused which of the two is best used for their business. That is why it is important to discuss both tools. Google Analytics helps businesses collect, process and analyze website data.

On the other hand, Google Tag Manager is a user-friendly tool for managing website tags without having to go into your raw website code. Therefore, these two are completely different tools used for different jobs.

The Differences between Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA)

Google Analytics is the most commonly used analytics tool on the market. That is because it is free and really helpful for businesses to know where’s their website traffic is coming from, what kind of device is used by their visitor – yes, Google Analytics know what kind of phone you used -, what did the visitor do in on their website, precisely, Google Analytics is your digital detective. Make sure that you already following the best practices when using Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is also able to analyze the impact from an ad campaign and to track onsite user behaviour, such as page views, button clicks, bounce rate, conversion rate, etc. It is also considered as a tag that is used to track website analytics.

Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Not everyone has the ability to work with raw website code. One simple mistake could lead to messy website layout, plugin that not working, or the worst, inaccessible website. At this point Google Tag Manager comes in handy as it is user-friendly tool for managing tags.

Google Tag Manager allows you to manage tags without having to go into your website codes. Basically, tags are part of HTML that can inject more functions or even send data to third parties from your website. Later on, the data that collected by Google Tag Manager could be sent to your Data Analytics provider, such as Google Analytics.

Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager

As stated above, Google Tag Manager is a tool for managing tags, while Google Analytics itself is actually a tag. This basically means that if your business uses Google Analytics for tracking website analytics, it is considered an excellent option to use Google Tag Manager to put the tracking code.

Google Tag Manager could help to inject the tracking code to hundreds or thousands of event that want to be tracked with a couple of clicks. However, some people that find coding is easier – because they are comfort with coding, or specialized in coding and have enough time to do that -, Google Tag Manager is a good alternative if they want to spare some time relaxing.

If you would like to better understand your visitor and generating more conversion from your website, you should use these tools that are provided free by Google.

Both are amazing tools to work with. However, some businesses may not have the luxury of time to keep track of their website analytics. That is where Island Media Management comes in as we offer variety of services for your digital marketing needs. Check out more about it at our website!

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