The Reason Why Your Website Is Running Slow

November 21, 2016


If you have a great looking website that is experiencing high bounce rates and low conversion, it is highly likely that speed is the issue.  A 2015 study by Brand Perfect shows that 67% of users abandon a site due to sluggish speeds. However superior the quality inside, the slow load time could be killing your business website. If you want to leverage the power of internet user numbers, you need to optimize your website in terms of speed.

Here are some of the problems that could be causing the slow performance of your site:

Un-optimized Pages and Images
The main culprit when it comes to slow load speed for most websites is poorly optimized conteseo images optimizednt.  Large images might seem like a sure way of captivating your target audience but they will also slow the website and you need to resize them. Third party plugins cold also be slowing your site and you should update them. Another consideration is limiting your linked elements. You should also optimize the site structure to reduce duplicate interaction and also avoid excessive use of transformations.

Network Problems
Your network connection could be affecting the speeds and the first place to check is with your internet service provider. To identify a network problem, use a free online proxy server to load the page and if it loads fast, there is an issue. You can also contact someone outside your fiber connection area to try the site’s performance to determine if the issue is local.

Hosting Service Issue
This is a common issue and it is important to choose the right web host, especially for your business website. Most users have a choice in your competition and if your website is down, they will just choose an alternative.  Use a host provider who provides technical support around the clock. More importantly, choose a hosting plan that is scalable as this will come in handy as your website grows.  Your hosting company should be working around the clock to ensure optimal performance and they should act immediately to enhance performance.

Too much Flash
While you want your website to look fancy, using too much flash is counterproductive. Flash is big and bulky and it is not compatible with most mobile devices. The best idea is to avoid it altogether or minimize use of flash on your website.Still wondering why your website is slow? Talk to your web host first and a performance test will identify the root cause of slow speeds.

That's all about the reason why your website is running slow. If you still have the problem, that’s when you need the help of the experts. Call us immediately to have your website checked and fixed in no time.

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