7 Foolproof Tips to Use When Create a Logo

January 11, 2017  |   Website Development

If you are thinking about designing or create a logo or you are rebranding, it is important to take time in order to get it right. The visual image that comes to mind is not always the best and in some cases, you will need the objective opinion of an expert. A great logo instantly tells a story about your brand. In the current competitive business environment, you have to captivate your target audience instantly and a well-designed logo can achieve this. Remember your logo represents your brand, so if it is poorly designed, that is a reflection of your business. Below are some ideas to help you when create a logo.

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Tips to Use When Create a Logo

  • Show your uniqueness: So many businesses are competing for attention and the only way to get attention is by showing the inner self. Who are you and how different are you from the competition? A great logo brings out your brand’s personality through the graphics and colors used.
  • Know your target audience: If you are a toymaker, you definitely want kids to identify with you immediately. Nintendo is all about fun and its logo tells it all. You don’t have to get an explanation when you see Disney’s logo; the message is right there.
  • Strong Design: If you don’t have any design skills but there is an idea in your mind, invest in a logo design expert. This helps create a logo that makes a statement instantly. Your logo must make a visual impact the moment someone sees it and it must be memorable. For instance, Nike’s logo instantly sends the message.
  • Be unique: When Steve Job started Apple, he knew there would be intense competition from IBM and others and that’s where the concept of thinking differently came in. The logo says it all and the rest is history.
  • Go minimalist: A simple logo works magic. Think about these brands whose logos you can immediately remember and you will realize they are all simple. From Apple, Audi, Hp, Lego, Toyota, NBC to Nike, the concept of less is more is applied perfectly.
  • Go for an adaptable design: Your logo will eventually find itself on different materials from mugs, polo shirts, caps to pens. As such, keep the design simple to ensure it can easily be adapted.
  • Timeless design: While designing, think about the future. Even companies that rebrand still remain true to the original design to avoid alienating loyal customers. From Coca Cola, Mercedes, Adidas, MTV, Burger King to Levis; their logos are popular and timeless.

To get it right, understand the brand, play with color and keep it flexible. All in all, make sure the logo tells your story. So are you ready to create a logo for your own business or company? Contact us now! Our team would be happy to help you with your logo.

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