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May 12, 2017

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Instagram is an important social tool that you can take advantage of when promoting your hotel, villa or other properties. For those who aren’t on Instagram and are not too familiar, Instagram is an extremely popular social networking application that allows you to share photos and videos to your followers directly from your smartphone.

Imagine the impact this will have on your target audiences; like it or not, users are getting more and more visual and Instagram addresses this. Just like Facebook and Twitter, whatever you post will be displayed on your profile and is accessible to the all Instagram users.

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While Instagram might have arrived late to the social media party, it has done an impressive job at making its impact felt. So why is it so popular? Well, many people now are more visually inclined. Instead of reading a long post, they’d prefer to see pictures or watch videos. In the age where all smartphones come with cameras, it has become so easy to snap and share.

Consider these numbers; today, there are 500 million monthly active Instagram users (MAUs) with 300 million posting and updating almost daily. The numbers alone are overwhelming but imagine the possibilities of reaching the limitless amount of potential customers.

Out of all the photos and videos posted daily, 4.2 billion are liked on a daily basis. In addition, already 71% of global brands are expected to be active Instagram users by end 2017. Those already on Instagram post updates about 4.9 times per week. Since its launch, Instagram has recorded over 40 billion photos which have been shared and 3.5 billion likes every day and on an average day, over 80 million photos are shared worldwide.

So what does all this mean to you and your business?

75% of Instagram users take action after seeing an advert post. The fact that there are 60% of users daily makes this an incredible digital marketing platform for suave marketers. In fact, engagement with brands that are active on Instagram is 10 times higher than on Facebook with 50% of users following brands. These numbers highlight why your hotel needs to be on Instagram.

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To grow your hotel brand on Instagram, you have to be proactive. Below are a few marketing ideas that can help you to do this:

Marketing Ideas:

  1. Promote Instagram Posts on Different Platforms Your hotel or villa might already have some online presence via other social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If so, you could easily grow your Instagram followers by sharing your posts on all these other networks. A great tip is to include a Call To Action on each post, inviting your followers to visit your hotel’s Instagram profile.
  1. Avoid Excessive Posting While it is true that you want to gain followers through your posts, it is important to avoid overwhelming your audience. This simply means that you should refrain yourself from posting too many photos in a short time. It is easy to lose followers if they feel that you are always in their face; so don’t get carried away by the power of Instagram because it can also work against you. Excessive posting would also mean that your target audience will not have enough time to digest your previous posts.
  1. Leverage Free Instagram Tools Instagram StoryGet more insights on your target audiences with easy-to-use and free tools for your Instagram profile. Switch to Instagram For Business to understand your target audiences further as well as have access to analytics and other information. Other tools such as Simply Measured, Locowise and Squarelovin can give you invaluable data on followers’ growth, engagement, popular filters, account checkup and more.Other important tips to help grow your hotel or villa’s presence on Instagram include constant interactions with followers, creating interactive hashtags for instant engagement, using creative strategies to captivate the interest of readers and share user generated content. Posting and sharing a video would also help tremendously, as it is the hottest marketing tool today that is much preferred by the majority of social media users.

After using the tools mentioned above for your property’s Instagram strategy next is to evaluate the results you get from it. Island Media Management, an integrated marketing agency in Bali, Indonesia, will help you evaluate your marketing results and help you turn your audience into real customers. Feel free to contact us via this link

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