In 2019, the most popular subject is having solid content.

Everybody is making content and some are good and some are bad.

But even when your blog is good and readable, you need to make sure that your audience can find it and that it has great legibility.

In this article, we’ll be sharing valuable tips to help optimize your blog content!

These subjects will be divided into three parts; its readability, how easy it is to share and how much it can engage with your audience.

Readable Blog

Tips to improve the readability of your content

Be honest, there are times you thought that your content was booming and clicked on the share button.

But what happened? Nothing…

We know how that feels and perhaps have experienced the same situation.

A good way to start is to always to start with a good headline.

Make sure to add a benefit in the headline and tell the visitor why to read your blog.

In this case: Tips for how to get your content to be read, shared and talked about.

The biggest benefit of having a readable blog is it can increase the popularity of your content and the why is because there are standing tips to get the content more popular.

⦁ Stats are more important than opinion.
⦁ Put people over Search Engines
⦁ Create a sense of urgency


Readable and Shareable Content

How to get your content shared?

Your content needs to have a share-ability factor.

You can increase the chance of having a readable and shareable blog content by incorporating these points:

Ask for a retweet, ask your readers for help, run contests, participate, use social media networks and collect emails from your customers.

Make your text easy to read and digest so that visitors will retain valuable information out of it, this will result in a retweet and happy visitors.

Also, another way great way to get shareable content and increase awareness of your brand is by running a contest, or giveaway that promotes that sharing of the content as a way to participate.

These days people are most active on social media, so make sure to add a button to share your content on social media.

For example: Let them share the best moments with your brand. Maybe on the beach or in the store. Help your customers create happy content.


Shareable Content

Let customers talk about your content.

The key to getting your audience talking about your content is having quality content.

If they got valuable information or engaged with your content, they are more likely to share it with their friends.

Make sure to tell a story in the content. Start with a strong introduction, with an informative middle section and have call-to-action in the end.

Be unique, tell your own story. Make sure you have a unique image and people recognize your brand.

Infuse a bit of humor, if it is proper. Laughter is a powerful tool in shareable content.

As a closing note, if you want more reactions on your blog it is also a good idea to ask a question in the end.

We hope this article will have given you some new ideas or insight to improve your blog contents.


Which of the above tips did you find most useful?

Thanks for reading! If you need help with writing a blog or need to optimize your content, feel free to reach out to us at Island Media Management!

We can help you create content and help you with a social media and blog strategy.

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