What You Need to Do to Increase Online Bookings

November 11, 2016


More than 50% of a hotel are done online bookings according to Google. Digital presence is therefore vital if you want to increase your revenue . The following tips will help you improve your digital marketing strategy and therefore increase online bookings:


Use multiple channels for digital marketing
The journey to hotel reservations made by consumers today is more complex than ever. The average consumer will take 17 days of research and multiple website visits (on average 18) before they make a booking. You cannot therefore rely on any single channel for marketing.A multi-channel approach is your best bet. This should include tried and true marketing initiatives such as email marketing, SEO, display and retargeting. It should also include a message that engages with your target audience.

Offer great value
Although it can be tempting to slash prices in order to get more customers, it can be counterproductive. A lot of consumers are looking for value as opposed to cheap rates. Instead of offering discounts, provide your guests with increased value e.g. free Wi-Fi, late check-outs or discounted rates for upgrading suites.

Incorporate book direct messaging on your website
Encouraging customers to book directly from your website can allow you to gather more information about your guests. You’ll collect information about their browsing behavior, preferences and interests. Incorporate messaging on booking directly from the website to encourage guests to book online.

Provide a personal experience
Everyone is looking for something different. What if you could show them how you can meet their needs? You can entice visitors to your site by providing personalized content base on their browsing history as well as information gathered from your loyalty program. Companies that are able to offer personalized content increase their sales by 40%. Personalized website content such as using the person’s name, upselling amenities that they would be interested in based on browsing history and much more will increase conversion rate by up to 50%.

Invest in technology
Digital marketing is worth every dollar you put into it. You can’t afford to under-spend. Invest in technology that will allow you to reach your target audience where they are and make it easier for them to engage with you e.g. platforms designed specifically for hotels.

Leverage the power of mobile
Mobile has become a fundamental part of our everyday life. Consumers today use their mobile phones to access information. It’s important for hotels to invest in improved mobile experience. Ensure guests can make online bookings from mobile to increase your online bookings revenue.

Invest in rich video and photograph content
Selling online is about selling an experience. The best way to do this is through images. Investing in high-quality photographs and videos will increase engagement with customers.With the strong travel market, you can make a real impact and increase your revenue by investing in an effective digital marketing strategy. It will cost you less while increasing your revenue.

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