How Hashtags Work on Twitter

April 27, 2015  |   Social Media

Twitter is a great tool for business, but only if you know how to use hashtags properly. These are simply words with a # symbol attached. You can use them to organize the overwhelming amount of information that is available on Twitter, and other social media networks, today.

Understanding How Hashtags Work on Twitter

twitter hashtagsThere are a few things that you must know about Twitter hashtags before using them. For instance, you do not want to use special characters like +, !, $, %, -, ^, &, *, etc., because they are not supported. Instead, only use letters, numbers and _ (underscore) as part of your hashtag.

As long as you heed this and keep your message to 140 characters or less, there are no limits to the length or number of hashtags you can use. However, you do want to make sure to use them efficiently. The best way to do this is by hosting or participating in Twitter chats.

Event Hashtags
Another thing that works really well on Twitter is using event hashtags, e.g. conferences, festivals, etc. You do not actually have to attend the event to network with people who are there. Simply utilize the official hashtags that the event organizers are using. This provides more exposure for you.

As you type your message and put in a “#”, you’ll find that certain words will pop up. These are hashtag suggestions that are ranked in order of popularity. You can view all results simply by switching to “all” results, which are then filtered by date.

Tools to Help You With Twitter Hashtags

There are some tools that will make it easier for you to find and use hashtags on Twitter. These tools are handy considering that you need to choose hashtags that are relevant and useful for the people who follow you, as well as those who are searching for what you’re offering.

The first tool is Hashtagify. It tracks what hashtags are now trending and then shows you what hashtags are “related” to the keywords that you’ve provided. This will help to accelerate the growth of your business, by bringing awareness to your brand and making your marketing more effective.

Twitter Chat (TwChat)
Secondly, there is TwChat. This will allow you to find, join in on and even host your own Twitter chats easily. It’s also a very useful tool when you want to monitor or archive any hashtag streams.

If you have any cool tips or tricks on how to use hashtags with Twitter then let us know.

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