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April 19, 2017

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One of the more popular social media platforms, Twitter has a total of 1.3 billion user accounts and 313 Monthly Active Users (MAUs). In fact, 23% of all social media users in the United States are Twitter users. There are 500 million tweets posted every day!

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Twitter is definitely causing a revolution in the area of marketing, with two-thirds of U.S companies using Twitter to further drive engagement. Statistics have also stated that 67% of users would most likely purchase from a brand that they follow.

These numbers do not only highlight the importance of social networking, it also proves that engagement between brands and customers are crucial, and are further intensified through fast tweets, retweets and replies which also build brand recognition and loyalty.

If you are planning to launch a Twitter marketing campaign, here are some great tips which would be helpful:

  1. Twitter Secrets For Great Content

Content is king in any form of marketing and for Twitter, these strategies will help.

  • Develop great content – The content you create should be relevant and valuable to your audience. It should also appeal to a global audience and inspire engagement.
  • Tweet the same content more than once – It is highly likely that your target readers missed your first tweet due to the sheer number of tweets being posted per second. Posting the same content will not lead to penalties unlike on other social media network so get creative and tweak the message a little for a  longer lasting impact when engaging.
  • Consistency is key – Make sure you have a Twitter identity instead of sporadic and fragmented posts which confuse followers.
  1. Curation Tips on Twitter Marketing

The type of content you share determines how well your Twitter marketing strategy works. Below are some tips to use:

  • Be resourceful – Avoid self-promotional content that might repel your followers. Try to be a resource and not a marketing platform.
  • Find fresh content – Social media is a powerful tool for creative content. Through social listening and research, you will know what the industry is talking about and you can come up with ideas from there.
  • Leverage content tools such as Buzzsumo to discover new content.
  1. Twitter Marketing Ideas For More Engagement

To increase engagement with followers, try out the following ideas:

  • Timing is Key – There are tools that you can use that will tell you when most of your audience is online in order to deploy a tailor-made posting schedule.
  • Enhance sharing – Make it easy for people to share your posts and always stay engaged in the conversation.
  • Feedback – Make sure you are part of the conversation and always be quick to give feedback.
  • Use contests and competitions as a way of increasing engagement and winning new customers.

Make sure your tweets look good by using the right image size and link shorteners. A good bio can also inspire readers to follow you and engage with you more.

If embarking on a Twitter campaign might sound just a little too overwhelming at the moment, perhaps consider getting the professionals to handle it for you. Island Media Management is an integrated digital marketing agency based in Bali, and we are here to do the work for you. We are also open for a consultation to help you identify where and how to start your online digital marketing campaign. Drop us an email and together, we can make your Twitter campaign more successful in 2017.

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