Knowing Your Audience: Understanding the Personas

February 1, 2016  |   Business Analysis, Customer Focus, Digital Analytics, Marketing

You have created what you think is great content. It took time and hard work and yet it is still underperforming. You have the right keywords too. What could be the problem?

Knowing Your Audience

Building Engagement in Social Media by Knowing Your Audience

Online marketing today is about user experience more than anything else. If you want to make any sort of impact with your target audience today, you will have to be able to provide them with unique experiences tailored to suit their behavior.

One thing many website managers and owners fail to understand is that users should not all be put into a single category. A single website could attract users with different behaviors and interests. Understanding this will help you segment your users for better targeting therefore maximizing the effect of your content.

What are Personas?

A persona represents a segment of your target audience based on data about their behavior and attributes that allow you to predict their goals, behavior and preferences while on your website. Users coming to your website have different behaviors and goals. It simply does not make sense to provide them with the same user experience and expect to be successful.

Personas allow you to segment users visiting your website. You can then personalize their experiences. This means understanding what their objectives are more clearly. Personas are vital for optimizing websites and targeting users. With the right personas you can effectively target every aspect of your online marketing campaign.

Segments and Personas

Before going any further, it is important to differentiate between personas and segments. Many people use these terms interchangeably. However, there are slight variations in their meanings. Although the two terms refer to the concept of grouping people, the difference lies in their specificity.

Segmentation can be achieved by click stream data alone. You only need to identify similar entities. This means a segment can be based on any data that can be tracked. Segments can include new visitors to the website, visitors from a specific geographic region as well as returning buyers. You can target different segments.

Personas are more complex. Creating a persona requires much deeper marketing analysis. You need to understand who exactly your target audience is and what they want from you. A persona is given a descriptive name. In the online marketing world, a persona is meant to be taken as a person who actually exists. Targeting personas would involve showing different content to visitors with different goals.

Why You Should Care about Personas

Personas may sound like adding another problem to your online marketing campaign that you would rather avoid. But you can not ignore it. The fact is that Google is pushing towards this. Google is known for making drastic changes to its search engine in an effort to enhance user experience.

The concept of Personas is critical for this. Google is moving towards using personas to gauge topical relevance and therefore provide better quality search results and advertising. Applying the concept to your website will ensure that you are ahead of your time and ensure that you stay ahead of the pack even when changes are made.

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Step By Step Guide

It is very important to know who is your audience, and what segments  your are audience divided into, and how many personas that you can part them into. Relax. We are not only giving you the theoretical stuff here, but we will guide you through the actual step by step with google analytics on Friday. While waiting till Friday, we would like to hear what are you thinking about knowing your audience. Do you divide them into segments or you might have to part them deeper into personas. Please share your experiences and thoughts below.

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