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August 29, 2016  |   Social Media, Trends

A single wrong word on social media or twitter can make or break you. Making a move that is against the norm on twitter can result in the loss of many of your followers.

You may be tempted to think that having a few people unfollow you won’t matter, but it will. You don’t want to alienate any of your followers unnecessarily. Avoid the following mistakes if you don’t want to end up losing many followers in the long-run.

Unfollow account on Twitter


Tweeting off topic People who follow you follow you for a reason. They have read you’re profile and believe that you can provide them with information in a specific niche. Someone following a health and fitness coach will expect to get information on health and fitness and not on the latest political news. If you tweet off topic, chances are high that you’ll lose your following.

You should define your goals and create content that is in line with these goals. Ensure that your profile bio is accurate and doesn’t misrepresent you. Provide content that is relevant and always stay on topic.

Not providing information The modern consumer thrives on information. If you can provide information on a specific topic, you can grow your fan base. Use your twitter account to provide your followers with lots of information to keep them interested.

Not providing value There is a strong link between value and information. Just as it is important to provide your audience with information, you should ensure the information is of value. People follow other people who they believe can provide information that is relevant to them. Tweeting only about yourself, product, moods or preferences does not provide your followers with value. Value comes from providing helpful information such as tips, links to helpful articles and studies as well as industry news.

Getting too personal Being true to yourself is important. However, it can be harmful to express your innermost thoughts on twitter. Although audiences today are curious, they don’t need every personal detail of your life. You can build relationships without being too personal.

Being offensive There are many people who have lost jobs, fortunes and spouses by posting a misguided tweet. Some people have even had to spend time in prison as a result of their tweets. You should therefore be careful about what you say. Avoid being critical, harsh, accusatory, demeaning or negative in your tweets.

These are just a few of the many mistakes people make on twitter that end up costing them in a big way down the road. Avoid these mistakes and you can hope for success on the social media platform.


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