Tips to Brand Your “About Us” Page #2

May 29, 2015


In the previous post, we have provided some tips to brand your “About Us” page. This post will show you more about other strategies that you could do to improve your “About Us” page effectively.

Keep reading for smart tips to strike a balance between telling customers about yourself and not driving them away because you have become too self-focused.

Tips to Brand Your “About Us” Page Effectively

1. Eliminate Jargon

Business jargon is a tool used for experts to communicate easily while working. Remember that your clientele aren’t experts and they won’t understand most of the language of business.

Here are some of the top reasons why jargon is bad for your ‘About Us’ page:

  • Most customers won’t understand you.
  • They’ll find it difficult to identify with a brand that doesn’t appear to speak the same language as them.
  • It’s arrogant. Using complex wording that isn’t understood is like talking down to someone.

Solve this problem by searching for an alternative in simple language. Act like you’re speaking to someone with a child’s knowledge of your subject, without being patronizing.

On a side note, never try to be clever by naming an ‘About Us’ page something different. A page called ‘Our Ethos’, for example, is easily missed because nobody’s searching for that.

2. Your Unique Selling Point

unique selling point
Show your unique selling point

The fact is an ‘About Us’ page is the second most important page after the ‘Home’ page. See this as another opportunity to display your Unique Selling Point (USP).

Your USP is what sets you apart from other businesses in your industry. If you don’t yet know it, ask someone close to you for an honest opinion. It’s vital you get this right.

Gear your ‘About Us’ page towards highlighting your USP. Customers read hundreds of these pages, so what’s going to ensure your page stands out above all others?

Bonus tip: In the event you really can’t find anything unique, turn it around. Talk about what makes your audience unique and why you want to serve them. As we discussed before, people like it when the focus switches to them.

3. Connect with the Rest of Your Website

The way we’ve spoken about this page makes it seem like it is an entity standing alone. It’s not. Any good page must connect and fit in with the rest of the website. Don’t make your company appear to be something it’s not.

  • Use videos by all means, but make sure it fits your industry and other multimedia content on the site.
  • Even if photos aren’t a regular part of your business, you can still use them. For example, if you run a corporate website you may favor straight lines and simple shapes. Reflect this in any images you upload.
  • Match the tone of your page with everything else you produce. It should sound as if the voice is precisely the same on social media and on the rest of your website. Otherwise it can confuse customers.

4. Testing

We can’t tell you the magic formula to make a comprehensive ‘About Us’ page. It doesn’t exist and we could spend hours going over this. Every site will have a different sweet spot they have to hit.

The easiest way to test this page is to ask people around you what they think. Ideally, they should have no affiliation to the company, so they’ll have no problems offering an honest opinion.

Nothing is better than asking your customers, though.

This is a bit risky but publish the ‘About Us’ page and ask for feedback via social media. You can even upload a survey and hand it to people who have given you business before. Don’t worry if they recommend changes. This will only lead to a better site in the long-term.

Updating and Keeping it Fresh

tumblr profile page
Screenshot of Tumblr 28/5/2015

The story of a company changes all the time. Every day will bring fresh opportunities for adding to your story. Take advantage of this and keep your page fluid. Update it regularly and improve it along the way.

As we mentioned before, there’s no magic formula and this does take time to get completely right. Try to review it every couple of months to see if you can add to it. It’s so important that any time spent on it is worthwhile.

Best of luck crafting your ‘About Us’ page!

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