How to use social influencers successfully to market your hotel?

December 13, 2017

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Have you ever thought about connecting with powerful social media influencers to boost your hotel business? With a well-planned strategy, Influencer Marketing for hospitality is a potential channel in a world where digital marketing is taking over the traditional marketing methods. At Island Media Management, our supportive team is ready to deliver tailor-made Influencer Marketing solutions for reaching your specific business goals. First of all, let’s familiarize us more with this modern way of marketing.

We have already entered into a sharing economy where there is a gradually growing role of social media. The ways hotels leverage these platforms can make a big difference. Here, social media influencer marketing enters the picture. It may already sound for some as a buzz, however, it needs to be recognized that significant changes are obviously happening in the buying process of customers. But what is Influencer Marketing? In a nutshell, it is basically a marketing method where companies cooperate with popular and famous individuals who are active on numerous social media channels (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and others). This results in one of the rapidly-growing digital customer acquisition trends, especially powerful with the tech-savvy generation.

This type of marketing is a compelling way to reach wider audiences, accomplishing at the same time a range of goals, such as increasing brand exposure or triggering direct bookings, eventually increasing your hotel’s occupancy, leading to increased profits. It’s particularly valuable for hotels wishing to improve their visibility, extend their reach and express their identity for their broader or more specific target guest segments or demographics. Our Team especially recommends Influencer Marketing for hotels who aim to emphasize their experiences, beautiful destinations or their specific services through effective visuals. The logic behind it is that the so-called “celebrity status” of the influencers carries an unbelievable impact on their sincere viewpoints, judgments and endorsements with their highly visual posts. The weight of the “word of mouth” and the authentic recommendations from individuals bring the needed trust.

The other side of the coin is that we should be careful about the selection (and compensation) of the influencer. Another cornerstone is adjusting your Hotel’s brand with the influencer’s type of followers. The match is key. It means that working with an influencer who is a really close fit with your hotel – leaving the influencer with his/her own editorial style – can bring the most authentic message.

What we do is offer travel brands a possibility to connect with potentially authentic and reputable influencers we identify. Crafted to your area, for your concrete target market, planning a set of financial/non-financial compensations for the influencers in exchange (e.g. free nights to exchange for word of mouth or discovering how much they charge per post). We help you connect with the right one. Follower numbers are not enough, engagement is also crucial for a long-term and sustainable cooperation that brings tremendous value.

Influencer Marketing is a novel marketing technique, utilized in a central role by many industries, as an essential part of their overall strategy, winning customers’ hearts. It will continue to grow since social media is reigning. For successfully using this tool, we help you build the strategy, expectations, tracking returns, with continuous support. For more information about Island Media Management, click here.

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