A Quick Guide on UX Design and its Importance

January 13, 2017

Website Development

One of the most important albeit overlooked aspects of website design is User Experience (UX). If you are planning to build a website for your company, it is important to appreciate what UX is and how it impacts your business. While visual design is also important, you should never overlook the UX part of your site’s design. website design Here are a few pertinent factors regarding UX and its role in your business: What is UX Design? In short, User Experience (UX) is how people respond to what they experience. It is a part of the design process that is not overly concerned with how your site looks but the whole experience. Think about how a visitor feels once they have interacted with your website. It encompasses a lot of factors, some of which a website developer determines while others are up to the user. These factors include usability, performance, accessibility, ergonomics, design and aesthetics, marketing and overall human interaction. Every aspect of your website affects user experience; from font size to colors used, and while this might sound scary, it is in fact advantageous to you. If you cleverly build your site, it is possible to impress your target audience. Importance of User Experience (UX) With the stiff competition in the contemporary business environment, it is important to impress your audience and this is best done by providing an excellent User Experience (UX). UX is the skeleton that holds your site together and though it is rarely mentioned until things go wrong, it largely determines whether you will meet business objectives. You might have a visually appealing website but if users are not enjoying using it, you can bet you won’t convert. Other reasons to focus in UX design include:

  • Discover your goal – A lot of research goes into UX design and during the process, you will get a lot of opinions. These will shape your site design goals.
  • Understanding your audience – With your goals in mind, you should research your customer base by creating personas. Ask yourself who will most likely visit your site and once you figure this out, you will be on the path to providing a good user experience. The idea is to make sure you can make these personas happy.
  • Organization and content: If you know the target audience and what makes them happy, it is easier to organize your site and create content that readers want. Focus on engaging people quickly.
  • Monetary benefits: A good user experience leads to customer loyalty and this improves the bottom-line. For a startup, UX design helps cut costs of site maintenance because you already have everything in place and there are no major overhauls required.

If you want to make a mark in your niche, invest in a good UX design, here our team will help you out to create a niche UX design for your site.

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