4 ways to Supercharge your Online Audience Strategy

November 22, 2017


Since the beginning of Internet search marketing, marketers have used the power of keywords as proxies to represent user intent. A modern day SEO tactic that allows businesses to improve online presence is to focus on specific keywords to entice your visitors. But how accurate are these keywords? Can they precisely predict a user’s next action or buying intent? Let us explore these questions in this week’s blog.

A user looking for “best family resorts in Bali” produces significantly different results as another user searching for “family resorts”. However in both cases, these users are representing a certain readiness to plan their next holiday getaway. Keyword usage on its own can say a lot about the user and its familiarity with a specific product or service (this can even apply to brands). With the holiday season upon us in the island of Bali, Island Media Management is helping clients towards the end of the year to target:

  • Who are these users?
  • What are their price sensitivities?
  • Do they seem to know about a client’s services / substitute products?

While a few digital marketing agencies can align the correct keywords with the right ads and landing page, to answer these three crucial questions is what it takes to win the ever-competitive game of PPC bids and e-Commerce conversion rates.

Island Media Management is Bali’s fastest growing digital marketing agency that caters to the hospitality, travel, finance and service industries as well as to various small to medium sized businesses. We are happy to consult and provide unique marketing strategies, we also aim to educate our clients every week, whether it’s about social media management, website development, content creation, or SEO.

It’s time to give our keywords a boost. With Google’s recent audience targeting solutions, we now have a perfect set of tools that allows you to create smarter campaigns and improved interaction with other online channels. We have curated five ideas to level up your paid search audience strategy and campaigns:

  1. Segment your previous users & customers Remarketing has been around for quite some time and is an indispensable tool in the digital marketing toolbox. If you haven’t used this tactic for search, exclude users who have made a conversion, or do not offer non-converters an alternative user experience on your website, start doing so with a step further:
    • Separate a small budget in order for converters to upsell them on add-ons.
    • Make use of custom site links that bring the users to specific conversion pages.
    • Encourage users to enroll in a membership, exclusive promotions, or loyalty programs.

    Some marketers can argue that organic search traffic is better positioned for businesses that demand low, short-term ROI. This can be problematic because we’re talking about organic search results and in the world of SEO- easy come, easy go. We tend to advise clients to look at organic rankings as a semi-durable asset. It takes time to build, but it’s also there to support the site in the mid- to long-term. PPC on the other hand, is like a switch- on or off, instantly.

  2. Use audience lists you have already collected Email subscriptions are perhaps the most obvious and can be supported by Google’s customer match.Other similar strategies involve creating audiences for custom campaigns that refer from social media, those who responded to promotions, and more. This is a powerful tactic when combined with segmentation by the date of last interaction with your website. Recent users signing up to your email subscriptions will have a different user experience from those who signed up a long time ago.
  3. Create lists based on your site sections Rather than treating all past visitors alike, create paid search audiences based on their actions in their previous visits. You can use this data for a much greater accuracy on who is booking specific rooms, a user who was previously referred from a competitors website, and many more. Google Tag Manager is a convenient way to segment your product or service pages into classes of pages to then further segment your remarketing based on what people were viewing. For example, you would choose to remarket differently to someone who was looking at scuba diving pages compared to one who was looking at the spa’s list of treatments.
  4. Keeping an eye out for in-market audiences While this is mostly available for Google Display Networks, watch out for in-market audiences.In-market audiences offer overlaying campaigns with a selection of audience considering the purchase a service or a product. Often, these are people that Google has identified through their search or browsing behavior as actively looking to purchase something. They are hot leads waiting for your advertising message! Island Media Management is a Bali based digital marketing agency that focuses on hospitality and service industries. We help grow small to large businesses with our unique, intelligent, and digestible marketing strategies. To learn more about our expansive services, check out our website!
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